Issue 8 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 31 , Dec18091 Meet the Most Influential Woman in Background Screening Meet TammyCohen, InfoMart’s Founder&Chief VisionaryOfficer, recognized inCV’s Corporate ExcellenceAwards as theMost InfluentialWoman inBackgroundScreening 2019 –USA. InfoMart is anNAPBS-accredited industry leader inbackground screening and identity services. InfoMart didn’t just pioneer the screening industry - they’ve been revolutionizing the field for nearly 30 years. An award-winning and globally recognized background check and identity screening company backed by an impres- sive product roster - everything from standard criminal histories to forward-thinking identity verifica- tion products - InfoMart provides the technology that companies use to hire great people without sacrificing a businesses’ security. Driving the company to impres- sive heights is Tammy Cohen, InfoMart’s founder and chief visionary officer, a leading force in identity and employment screening. Crowned the “Queen of Screen,” Cohen leads an unparalleled team of industry ex- perts that innovate to simplify and accelerate the complex processes of onboarding and screening a candidate for hire. Traversing compliance regulations and data security threats, Cohen’s track re- cord includes industry milestones for employers and the background screening industry alike. Cohen revolutionized the screen- ing industry when she stepped onto the field 30 years ago, developing the first client-facing application and a due diligence criminal search that has since be- come standard for all background screening companies. Since then, InfoMart has continued to push the envelope, most recently releasing first-to-market biometric ID authentication technology, the industry’s first self-sovereign plat- form, and the only verified sanc- tions search on the market - and that’s just the developments over the last couple of years. 2019 and beyond promises to bring even more innovation to the fields of talent acquisition, onboarding and the screening process. InfoMart’s culture and work ethic are rooted in respect, inclusion, invention and knowledge. InfoMart motivates employees to become experts in background screening, creating the most experienced team in the industry that seamlessly supports employ- ers in every field. From manufac- turing and business services to staffing and healthcare, InfoMart supports businesses in over 20 industries. When InfoMart begins work on a product, a team with centuries of combined experience in background screening and technology meets at the table. Their first question remains, “What do our clients need?” Under Cohen’s leadership, InfoMart tracks new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, to research how they could best be applied in the screening process. Due to her continued dedication to the industry and its innovations, Tammy Cohen was honoured in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, where she was awarded the accolade “Most Influential Woman in Background Screening 2019 – USA.” To learn more about InfoMart and the background check services, visit www.backgroundscreening. com. For press inquiries and interview requests, please email [email protected]. Company: InfoMart Web Address: