Issue 8 2019

36 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 , 1807CV02 Going Above And Beyond TheNyasaPartnershipLimitedprovides coaching,mentoring, or training to everyone wishing tomake a change to their lives. Recently, we profile the award-winningpractice aswe discovermore about the exceptional services the teamconsistentlyprovides to ensure that they achieve the desired results. Coaching, mentoring or training – which one is right for you or the individual members of your leadership team and staff in your organisation? After over 25 years in the corporate world, Barbara Cormack founded The Nyasa Partnership Limited in 2000 to allow her to support people – individually or within an organi- sation – to succeed in their own personal, professional, and/or business development. Born in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) during the Federa- tion; at a young age her parents moved to Nyasaland (Malawi) where she grew up. Her career started in the more traditional role of auditing and accounting. After reaching her goal to work in the City of London (where she was a financial analyst), Barbara changed careers and spent many years working as a financial software specialist in the IT world (implementations, business process engineering, consulting, project/programme management, mentoring, training, business project/programme management, blue sky product development), giving her the opportunity to trav- el extensively as part of her work. At the beginning of this century, another career change saw Barbara qualifying as a coach. Starting her own company allows Barbara to use all her knowledge and personally gained expe- rience - to support her clients using her coaching or mentoring - or to work with them to gain their own knowledge through one of her training courses. With vast previous experience, Barbara is uniquely placed to provide personal, professional and/or business support across a wide range of sectors. Moving forward, Barbara will continue to work with a select range of clients, by providing them with the right service, to help them achieve in every arena of their life and live the life of their dreams. Looking at the state of the world today, Barbara thinks it would be good to see positive appreciation for what each person can provide and be accepted. In her view, it’s easy to be exclusive rather than inclusive – that seems to be a theme on Facebook now - a lot of the problems in the world would disappear if we could positively accept each person for who they are and what they are capable of, rather than being critical and disliking Barbara concludes. Company: The Nyasa Partnership Limited Web Address: