Issue 8 2020

Issue 4 2020 13 8 For those businesses that want to truly own a private network, JMA has developed a truly unique solution. Pairing XRAN and their CellHub radio platform, and using either CBRS shared spectrum or carrier-licensed spectrum, JMA provides an industrial grade solution that delivers unmatched flexibility and bandwidth. Scalability, security, speed, and the ability to slice and monetize are all present in this incredible solution that supports multiple networks in a single deployment. This single build approach untethers buildings from a maze of wires, reducing setup and ongoing operating costs. In all, JMA has become a success simply by keeping its eyes set firmly on the future. It’s an environment where innovation can thrive and practical change is possible. Some struggle to see the potential of technology, remaining trapped in a nebulous space of what could be. JMA brings all the benefits to life with apparent ease. It’s what makes them one to watch as the world sits on the brink of a new 5G era. Company: JMA Contact: Sean Griffin Web Address: “By virtualizing all layers of the stack, XRAN transforms the way in which this system operates, while retaining the high standards that businesses demand in terms of network connectivity.”