Issue 8 2021

May21606 Issue 8 2021 21 Best Apprenticeship & Staff Development Training Provider - UK An apprenticeships training and educational services provider, Lewtay Training Limited is encouraging learners to take the next step in their professional personal development. Offering a wide range of apprenticeships, all of which has proven exemplary, its tutors promise to help each student reach the next rung on their ladder towards further greatness with empathic and comprehensive training. Lewtay Training Limited is a provider of exemplary training and educational services, with over 20 years of experience in its industry. Over this time, it has perfected the art of encouraging its students to become the best of the best, developing as a national training organisation for apprenticeship offerings in 2013. This is something it has continued to excel in, to the point where today it is one of the most well-known UK apprentice training firms that has engaged in partnerships across the board, with both Levy and non-Levy businesses in order to make itself the best option for leaners across the nation. Fundamentally, it has accomplished this with a naturalistic and well- scaled growth over time, allowing the quality of its courses to speak for it. It takes great pride in the quality of the tutelage it offers, ensuring that each teacher is helping their student in providing them with the key to the next levels of success they wish to reach, engaging with them in an encouraging and supportive manner throughout their course. The development of each individual learner is of vital importance to Letway – something that is shown in every element of its operational model – and so its training and educational is anything but cookie cutter, always ready to respond to a pupil’s individual needs. Recently, it has expanded its services into the wide world of Recruitment, setting its standards high; this has allowed it to promise benefits to every stakeholder, from its clients to its candidates, and its learners to its employees. In this manner, its aim is to find the right person for the right role in order to ensure the continued professional advancement both of the individual taking on the job, and the company who is hiring them, allowing the employer to fill their ranks with an ideal candidate. The pupil-turned-employee, of course, benefits from being provided with the right qualifications to be able to step up to the plate. Letway’s efforts encourage each pupil to reach for the stars, providing learning that is fun and inclusive, keeping excellence as its core standard when working with its stakeholders, allowing for mutual growth that benefits everyone whilst its learners achieve their goals. Above all, the learner is Letway’s core priority. Thus, it offers a wide range of specialisms that it has added to over time in order to make itself such a loud voice in the training and apprenticeships provision field. Its courses cover business skills, childcare, customer service, employability, health and social care, and sales, just to name a few, and in every single course it ensures that the resources and curriculum offered will allow for maximum intake of information in a manner that is responsive to how pupils learn. Its apprenticeships incorporate qualifications from Level 2 to Level 7, and can take 1-4 years depending on the level and intensity of the course in question. Furthermore, most apprenticeships will require a level of English and Maths capabilities to be achieved and demonstrated before the End Point assessment is undertaken by pupils, but pupils with past excellence in these areas may be exempt from one or both of these subjects. If not, they will be required to achieve the required level with the relevant Functional Skills exams and assessments, but can rest assured that Letway is there to help them every step of the way, as with all other aspects of their learning journey. In this way, it hopes to continue encouraging the professional growth of many more apprentices long into the future, proud of how far each of its previous pupils have gone and excited to see where future generations will go. Company: Lewtay Training Limited Contact: Trish Allen-Janes Website: