Issue 8 2021

Most Outstanding Executive Search Firm 2021 - USA N2Growth Best Social Mobility Tech Solutions Company - 2021 PIVT Enterprise Best Startup Career Coaching Specialist 2021 - New York Yuri Kruman - Master the Talk Consulting Most Outstanding Woman-Owned Startup Funding Platform - 2021 IFundWomen Most Outstanding Leader in Staffing & Recruitment 2021 - Finland Erika Ehrnrooth - Eilakaisla Best Full-Service Recruitment Boutique 2021 - Oxfordshire Thompson & Terry Recruitment 2021’s Leading Expert in Career Coaching - South of England Tracey Clay - Pivotal Recruit Best Multi-Brand Mobile Loyalty Solutions Platform - 2021 Magic Stamp Most Outstanding Digital Transformation Executive 2021 - Canada Differly Inc. Best Integrated Online Life Management Platform - 2021 Way2B1 Most Influential Diversity & Inclusion Consultant 2021 - New Jersey Olive Brand Education Best Specialist Addiction Treatment Platform - 2021 Monument Most Outstanding Leader in Entertainment Services 2021 - USA Jonah Sandler - Scene75 Entertainment Most Influential Business Strategy Consultant 2021 - New York Patrice Tanaka - Joyful Planet LLC 2021’s Leading Payment Processing Automation Platform - the Netherlands Bizcuit Best Specialty Career Transition Solutions Company 2021 - UK Jobs4ExPolice Best Travel & Hospitality Investment Specialists 2021 - California JetBlue Technology Ventures Best Marketing Agency of the Year, 2021 – Kentucky The Social Boutique Leading Specialists in Project Management Consulting, 2021 JPStewart Consulting, LLC Winners’ Listings 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards, a programme designed to showcase the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide.