Issue 8 2022

Mar21252 Optimising Orally-Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product Performance Proveris – which translates to ‘testing the truth’, is a Hudson-based, scientific research company dedicated to optimising the performance of orally-inhaled and nasal drug products. Now featuring in the Corporate Vision 2021 Small Business 100, Proveris Scientific Corporation sheds a light on its dedication and focus to its vital work. Founded in 1995, Proveris Scientific Corporation is a privatelyowned company based in Hudson, MA that delivers innovative testing platforms, laboratory services and profound product knowledge to its worldwide client base predominantly comprised of developers and manufacturers of orally-inhaled and nasal drug products (OINDPs). Many of these clients are among the world’s top innovator and generic pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, CDO/CRO/CMOs, and regulatory agencies, and rely on Proveris to help them identify the critical quality attributes that effect the performance of OINDPs and effectively control them from a testing and patient usability perspective. The firm, which was founded by CEO Dino J. Farina as Image Them Engineering Inc., was renamed Proveris in 2006 to reflect the company’s dedicated focus on a science-based approach of ‘testing the truth’. An amalgamation of the Latin ‘probare’ – meaning to test, approve, or demonstrate’ – and ‘veritas’, meaning truth, Proveris is representative of the company’s commitment over more than 25 years to ensuring total transparency and comprehension of life-altering medical products. With the support of Proveris, companies are able to use the findings and services of an expert team of engineers, scientists and service professionals to ensure successful product development and prevent late-stage development failures; to realise significant savings in time and resources by streamlining testing workflows and eliminating manual processes; to evaluate the compatibility of various OINDP delivery devices with unique drug formulations to optimize device parameters for effective human usage and efficacy; and to eliminate testing variables to maintain batch-tobatch reproducibility, simplifying regulatory submissions. By working with its clientele to carry out these services, Proveris aims for business success through the successes of its clients. Delivering measurable value in every project it takes on, Proveris abides by a set of corporate values that have ensured continual progression on an upwards trajectory for both its clients and itself. The firm strives to only enter markets in which it can make significant contributions to the success of its clients; to provide complete solutions that include technical services, systems, consumables and educational training; to maintain the strictest quality standards, even in periods of rapid growth; and to drive new technology development for better spray characterization, capture and analysis. In doing so, Proveris also seeks to continue deepening its understanding of the science of sprays and aerosols and how it relates to drug delivery and patient care in its efforts to deliver the latest – and the best - in OINDPs and similar medical products. This works alongside the hiring and retaining of individuals who are committed to the highest standards of performance, thereby fostering a work environment that encourages active participation, problem solving and teamwork to deliver effective results that are certified ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Thus, whether clients seek a diverse choice of products that encompass nasal and oral sprays, measurement devices and sample kits, or lab services in product formulation, patient testing or device manufacturing, Proveris is able to deliver. With proven success in identifying the key drivers for product efficacy as well as profound, data-driven insights into real world performance, the Proveris team is a vital asset for any individual or company in this fast-growing and important field. With new services and products being added to its portfolio at regular intervals and Proveris’ insights being called upon by researchers and for conferences across the globe, it is clear that business is booming for the Hudson-based firm. We wish them continued success for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. Contact: Ian Flaherty, Senior Product Manager Company: Proveris Scientific Corporation Web Address: Mar21252