Issue 8 2023

Big Firm Experience, Tailormade Solutions! Premier boutique firm, Kaleso Group Ltd (Kaleso) specialises in providing trust, family office, and fiduciary solutions and services. We speak to one of the founding partners, Stéphane Masson to find out more as the firm celebrates being named Best Fiduciary Services Provider 2023 - Central Europe. Kaleso Group Ltd was founded in 2015 by three partners: Roger Frick, Stéphane Masson, and Magdalena Gomes, who first met and joined forces at KPMG Switzerland, each having acquired years of experience in financial planning, and bringing a diverse set of skills and background to the team. In 2005, Roger and Stéphane co-founded Kendris Ltd., Switzerland, a spinoff of KPMG Private, and continued to expand their outreach and expertise in various markets, including the Americas and Asia, whilst Magdalena played an instrumental role in building out the administrative arm for the Latin American team. A decade later, the team decided to transition their business model to a more client-focused approach by creating Kaleso Group. “We wanted to bring our “big firm” experience while offering greater flexibility to support clients,” explains Stéphane. Today, Kaleso is active in financial and wealth planning with office locations in Switzerland, the United States, and Panama, as well as affiliate companies in Hong Kong and New Zealand. The firm voluntary excludes asset management to preserve its independency from the various banks it is collaborating with, and it provides worldwide trusteeship and directorship services, using all type of jurisdictions to deliver tailormade solutions. “Our goal is to deliver first-class service to first-class clients,” Stéphane elaborates, speaking of what it is that sets the firm aside and differentiates it. “We favour quality to quantity and believe that our search for excellence is reflected by the level of our clientele and reputation.” The combination of lawyers, accountants, and fiduciary experts pulling at the same rope within Kaleso means that it is a small, tied team without turnover dedicated to big clients, but capable of working with highly reputable law firms and tax experts to come out with compliant structures. Stéphane continues, “We do not believe in strong leadership in our industry. It is more a matter of being able to work as a team using all competences to make it happen in the best possible ways.” Recently, in recognition of its exceptional services provided to clients, Kaleso Group was named Best Fiduciary Services Provider 2023 – Central Europe in the Corporate Excellence Awards, a prestigious accolade that is testament to the dedication and commitment of all three partners and their tireless efforts. Now, as the future beckons, Stéphane and the team are looking to expand the business and hire more professionals, or combine the stellar services of Kaleso Group with another formidable firm, as the growing complexity of the company’s business leads to the need for further human resources. Contact Details Contact: Stéphane Masson Company: Kaleso Ltd Web Address: “We saw the shortcomings of the larger firms and felt we could provide high-quality services with a more personalised touch in a boutique firm setting.”