Issue 8 2023

This enticing proposition attracts individuals from the travel, leisure, media, celebrity, investment, and high-net-worth spheres across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia. Los Cabos stands as the epitome of destination dreams. Overall, Fukunaga is a driving force in business and an ambassador for Mexico, leaving an indelible mark on global investors and clients seeking the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Her commitment extends to the community, evident in her philanthropic initiative. The brokerage’s operational footprint spanning 10 offices across Mexico’s Baja California Sur, encompassing Los Cabos, Todos Santos, Loreto, East Cape, and La Ventana, continues to redefine luxury real estate, transcending traditional boundaries and providing an exceptional gateway to the Los Cabos lifestyle. The invitation is extended to experience an extraordinary way of life through confidently buying or listing with Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate. Contact: Vanessa Fukunaga Company: Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate Web Address: Email: [email protected] U.S. cell +1 (310) 728-5915; MX cell: (011-521) 624-157-3446 Jul23101 Leading Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Baja California Sur Discover the remarkable journey of Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, the foremost luxury real estate brokerage in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise and $3.3 billion in sales, the company has established an unrivalled reputation as a luxury real estate pioneer. We gain an insight into the company and how Vanessa Fukunaga has taken it to new heights since she became Owner, President | CEO almost a decade ago. Established in 1997 and later acquired in 2012 by Fukunaga, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate has embarked on an extraordinary journey, bringing the beauty of Los Cabos to the global stage. This journey to excellence has been nurtured over years of unwavering dedication from a team of skilled and passionate real estate advisors. Augmented by a robust global network, multiple offices, and a knack for curating distinctive events that breathe life into unique properties, this brand stands firm on solid foundations, providing the ultimate in-home buying and selling experiences. The firm, recognised as the leading luxury real estate brokerage in Baja California Sur, marks an impressive 26 years of success in delivering exceptional consumer trust and tangible results. This esteemed company has set a remarkable precedent as the go-to entity for listing and selling luxury real estate. Its range of luxury ownership options encompasses turn-key custom homes, homesites, luxury villas, and private branded residences or condos within upscale luxury resorts, each affording breathtaking ocean, golf, and mountain views. Since its inception, Engel & Völkers has achieved an impressive $3.3 billion in sales, consistently asserting dominance as the market leader in Baja California Sur. Its remarkable achievements also encompass a 14-year reign as the leading real estate agency in terms of sales volume. Notably, it has secured five consecutive wins for Best Real Estate Agency in Mexico through the esteemed International Property Awards. These accolades reflect the company’s exceptional services and performance, and underline its remarkable ability to network and reach audiences far and wide. Throughout 2022 and so far in 2023, the Los Cabos property market has maintained its robust vigour. The allure of investing in homes and embracing the quality of life in Mexico’s fastestgrowing destination persists and is driven by escalating demand for luxury listings that outstrip supply. Year after year, Engel & Völkers continues to clinch the record for the highest volume of real estate transactions in its market, and 2022 was no exception. What sets this brokerage apart is the capacity to redefine the essence of a luxury property experience. Its innovative practices and forward-looking approaches serve as the bridge between iconic residences and discerning buyers. The company’s focus remains resolute in adapting to evolving client needs and forging a trail into the future. In terms of future trajectories, its goals over the next five years encompass maintaining its status as the pinnacle luxury real estate brokerage in the region, fortifying its presence in the luxury market, consistently staying attuned to market trends for expansive growth, and pioneering the path for an unparalleled luxury property experience. Acquiring a luxury property in Los Cabos, Mexico presents an exceptional investment prospect. The region’s appeal lies in accessibility, agreeable climate, stunning beaches, recreational offerings, world-class amenities, a rich cultural scene, philanthropic activities, and value-driven representation in secondary and tertiary home markets.