Corporate Vision Issue 9

20 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 , SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of parenteral packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. In August, SCHOTTwere recognised as theMost Innovative Speciality Glass and Glass-Ceramics Manufacturer in Corporate Visionmagazine’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards programme. We spoke to BjörnWeller, the Head of Marketing for SCHOTT, to see how they have driven innovation in this exceptionally future- centric industry. At the Cutting Edge of Pharmaceutical Innovation The pharmaceutical sector has, for the last few years at least, been undergoing a period of swift change in the form of new technologies. Staying ahead of these developments requires a pro-active approach, and a drive to elevate the sector to new heights. For Björn, this remains a central aspect to SCHOTT’s continual success in the sector, “The pharma industry is going through rapid changes, especially when taking a closer look at smaller batches and new highly sensitive biotech solutions and therapies that are in the pipeline, e.g. biologics, gene and cell therapies. As these changes come with new possibilities, we are determined to further advance the industry through close collaboration with current and new customers and partners.” Innovation remains at the heart of SCHOTT’s operations. Their position as one of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers has hinged on their ability to meet the latest demands of their partners and develop new technologies in turn. “We work hand-in-hand with our partners to develop innovations and a continuous dialogue with the respective customers and partners ensures that their current and future needs are met. One of the most important aspects is our close and longstanding partnerships with our customers and the concept of supplier-enabled innovation. It defines that the earlier pharma companies, packaging suppliers, machine vendors and elastomer component suppliers come together to discuss upcoming innovations, solutions and products, the better. Normally this happens in clinical phase II at the latest.” Björn continues, “In order to help our customers in the pharmaceutical industry market a drug in a safer and faster way, we follow a road-mapping process to steadily fill our innovation pipeline by customer-driven as well as market-driven projects. This holistic approach is based on the three Ps: patient, product and process. • Patient refers to making sure that the patient comfort and needs are continuously met. For example, as the rate of drug delivery in home settings is increasing, the containers employed must be functional and easy to use for the patient. • Product refers to the importance of understanding the product needs. As different drugs have different requirements, the container should be chosen to fit the specific needs. • Process refers to being aware of the process requirements. It is important to consider e.g. how the product will be integrated into existing manufacturing lines and how to create a low-waste filling process.” Perhaps more importantly than all of this, is SCHOTT’s dedication to maintaining the highest levels of quality in their operations and products. “Quality is one of the most important aspects in the pharma industry. Regarding primary packaging, the quality begins with the glass tubing 1809CV09 production itself. SCHOTT pushes towards a zero-defect philosophy in pharmaceutical glass tubing production with its production quality process, perfeXion™. This big data approach allows 100% in-line inspection with the help of lasers, cameras and infrared systems. This achievement significantly improves the monitoring of quality parameters, which was previously done by random sample selection, and contributes to ensuring patient safety from the very beginning of the value chain. An integrated IT system allocates imperfections with such precision that it can later differentiate corresponding individual tubes, which can then be discarded. The collected data enables SCHOTT to optimise its production continually.” Coming to the close of the interview, Björn was keen to share SCHOTT’s latest developments; “In October 2017, we launched the new iQ™ platform: a holistic platform that standardises ready-to-use (RTU) syringes, vials and cartridges within a single tub format to run on one filling line. The platform includes