Corporate Vision Issue 9

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 29 • Consulting Assistance during go-live rollouts” Alongside this, the Capital Banking Solutions “Innovation Conduit” represents the pedigree of traditional core banking while breaking and evolving the boundaries of the traditional core banking box. • CBS is unique because of how their single focus in banking and their Omni- channel experiences and possibilities lead back to one clear banking powerhouse. • CBS’ innovation methodologies are clear and practical, yet they help the client address the complexity of their business with the least amount of disruption. • The company’s focus to innovation combined with their experience turns to be the competitive advantage of their clients. In addition to this, it is no secret that behind every successful firm is a dedicated team of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the company reaches their targets. For Capital Banking Solution, their team is at the core of everything that they do, as Samer Hanna is keen to highlight. “Here at Capital Banking Solutions, our people are our strength and our biggest asset. It is all about team spirit. Engagement at all levels, continuous training, exposure to different projects, participation in ‘ innovation virtual teams ’, strong values, family-oriented environment are some of the things we are doing for our people. We are strong believers of a culture, which enables us to think out of the box, to work collaboratively and empower self-development. Another very important aspect of our culture is social responsibility with a focus to the environment, stressing on ‘green technologies’. “We are very close to the young population being associated with top class universities and our core values once presented and realised make the difference. We are always ready to listen, to assist and encourage ideas and suggestions.” Moving forward, the future for Capital Banking Solutions looks bright. Samer Hanna revealed to us what the future holds for the firm, focusing on what they hope to achieve in the years to come. “Organic growth, expansion to new markets, development of new products, excellence of our existing products and services are just some of the key initiatives for the years to come. Innovation, superior products and service delivery, and continuous improvement are the fundamentals of our company. Most of all, we aim for higher heights and we are confident that we will achieve our goals.” Contact: Jenny Bedran Company: Capital Banking Solutions Said Freiha Street, Dar Assayad Building (1), Hazmieh, 2901 2633, Lebanon Telephone: 00961 5 428 300 Web Address: Experience Innovation g