Corporate Vision Issue 9

32 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 , In order to improve efficiency in operations, companies around the globe are going paperless and automating processes with auto-identification technologies such as RFID. AIDC applications that are used in identifying and tracking high-value assets in distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries are digitally transforming processes usingmachines, sensors and auto-ID. Omni-ID : Shaping the Future of RFID Technologies With production rates at a record high, and global competition increasing, it becomes important for companies to ensure that their supply chain and asset inventory processes are in tune with the latest technology developments. One company that has led the auto-identification industry to set new standards of innovation is Omni-ID. Omni-ID is the original inventor and patent-holder of on-metal passive RFID tags. The company single-handedly changed the face of the auto- identification industry back in 2007 with its creation of industrial on-metal passive RFID tags. Omni-ID pushed the boundaries of RFID with its passive UHF RFID tags, which made tracking assets in harsh environments highly accurate and saved valuable time and money. In 2012, the company once again proved its value as a leading innovator with the launch of ProVIEW — the world’s first visual tagging system — to replace paper-driven processes in manufacturing sectors. What makes Omni-ID ProVIEW solution BIN18025 unique is its ability to provide both asset tracking and dynamic visual instructions – right on the asset. ProVIEW provides businesses with a trackable, interactive e-paper tag to help them see dynamic, readable instructions right on the tag that brings real- time visibility and better control of their material flow. ProVIEW is the first system on the market that provides paperless, wireless, end to end process visibility and dynamic material flow management for manufacturing with one application. Starting out as an independent company in 2007, Omni-ID has been focused on developing and manufacturing RFID tags for tracking assets in industrial applications (Oil & Gas/Energy, Military/DoD, Manufacturing, and IT Assets/Datacenters). The company has its origin traced back to the 90s when it began as a research and development unit within QinetiQ, an international defense and security technology company. George E. Daddis, Jr, President and CEO, Omni-ID says, “We understand our customers’ challenges; our process includes helping our customers define technology requirements based on their business necessities. Because of our customers trust in us and our proven expertise in these industrial applications, today we are the #1 provider and manufacturer of industrial RFID tags and solutions.” RIFD tagging is becoming more and more popular for industry, particularly in light of regulatory initiatives which require digital maintenance and other process records for compliance. IT companies, the Energy/Oil & Gas industry as well as Manufacturers for example. As such, for any team given the task to track equipment in a data center, laydown yard or manufacturing facility it becomes quite challenging to maintain the highest level of accuracy. RFID tagging is the best and most cost-effective solution to meet this unique challenge. Omni- ID has been a pioneer in this field and has played a key role in developing new techniques to help companies perform frequent inventory counts or asset management audits to meet operational and regulatory requirements. Omni-ID is a perfect technology partner for companies looking to automate their asset management processes. The company provides a broad range of RFID tags from low-cost, printable on-metal labels, to small form factor hard tags with options that withstand high temperature, to larger encased tags to track assets in harsh environmental conditions. Omni-ID makes sure its customers assets are managed in a way that meet their demands for a faster, cheaper and more accurate, automated solution. George shares, “Innovation is part of our DNA! Our customers drive what we do everyday – the feedback from the marketplace is what drives our innovations, and what has driven us to build out our product portfolio from a simple hardware company to a company that now provides quality asset management solutions.” Moving forward, Omni-ID will continue to bring the benefits of RFID technologies to global companies. The Industrial IoT is making it possible for companies to create and develop connected