Corporate Vision Issue 9

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 39 , 1807CV05 YouCall-it.comaimto create a betterway ofmanaging and delivering business around the world. Recently, we spoke to Chris Kirkhamto find outmore about the innovative firm following their recent success inCorporate Vision’s 2018 Best in Business where theywere awarded the titleMost Instrumental IT Service Platform2018. The Multi-Vendor Platform Established in 2010, YouCal cite awards such as Best IT Service Multi- Platform Vendor in the UK 2017 as one of many motivators which drive the company to do what it does best, innovate. Innovation is the key to its ongoing success. When the IT provider was first founded seven years ago, there were many frustrations in service delivery which still exist today. There was no mechanic or system which existed to deliver services with service providers outside of the client’s own systems. This meant that requirements were managed effectively when dealing in house, but when sent to a partner provider the management was lost. Everything was sent by email or via an outsource button which then forced the service provider to change their internal processes just to work with international businesses. Often emails or constant phone calls were the only way of chasing for an update or obtaining call details. This caused delays, miscommunication and had no accountable delivery mechanic. However, YouCal ’s unique platform was designed from the ground up to provide a one-stop- shop for service delivery on a Global scale. Chris explains how the company has reinvented the IT services sector. “Essentially, we want to help our customers communicate as effectively as possible. To do this, we make sure that our systems are built using the latest web technologies and cover the widest range of platforms possible. We continually seek ways to add value for our users by developing and expanding our product offering; integrating existing cloud based services and innovating bespoke solutions.” Youcal connects 100’s of service providers directly to those needing IT support or deployment services in a country whilst keeping the communication and delivery of the work seamless. With an end goal in sight, Chris outlines the organisation’s overall mission, as well as explaining what type of clients the team works with. “Working towards providing a unique and integrated service, we are on a mission to provide our suppliers, partners and clients and indeed the service chain, a unified and single way of working together. We currently support our customer’s activities in UK, Europe, Asia, U.S.A and Canada by linking and connecting our service partners directly to our client’s service desks and systems. “Clients work directly with IT Service and solution providers from around the world via our dedicated platform which works on the basis that, when everybody works on the same level; communication, cost and management are delivered in a much better way, with superfluous layers removed.” Dealing in a variety of different sectors within the IT support community, the firm has built tools to allow a single point of entry for global management of IT Support requests, contracts, deployments, installations, surveys and much more. Clients and others can find and manage new service providers, extending their own capability, or if they have an existing network of providers, they can manage them via the platform. The Youcal platform has inbuilt and live translation tools to overcome language hurdles, which are often faced when engineers are onsite and need to speak to a support desk which works in a different language. Ultimately, all of this bodes very well for the future of Youcall-it. com. In his concluding remarks, Chris comments on the vast array of services that the company offers and how this will benefit the organisation in the times ahead. Looking to help clients build their global IT network, Chris welcomes new businesses and industries to the Youcal ’s version of the IT Service world of the future. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, our wide array of service features, coupled with the unified service mantra have allowed us to introduce our systems to a range of customers from main tier downwards. Basically, we design, provide and deliver third party support to clients across the whole of the globe. Going forward, we are keen to continue to offer this winning combination of a unique solution and high- quality service.” Contact: Chris Kirkham Address: 65 Tontine Street, Folkestone, CT20 1JR, UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 582 2423 Website: Twitter: YouCall_it Facebook: https://www.facebook . com/YouCallit.Global/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin. com/company-beta/977479/