Issue 9 2021

Issue 9 2021 15 Jul21378 Financial Solutions for the 21st Century! Finance have moved on significantly over the last few years, embracing the possibilities of what technology has to offer. The team at Oxygen are a literal breath of fresh air in the industry, offering something for the 21st century economy. Named Most Innovative Digital Business Banking Platform 2021 – USA in Corporate Vision’s 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards, we take a closer look at the secrets behind their inimitable success. Traditional financial institutions are well behind the times when it comes to offering a banking platform for the digital age. There is a whole world of digital natives, creators and entrepreneurs ready to move forward and seize the potential of a whole new frontier, but they are limited not by their own ideas, but the systems that surround them. The creation of business banking platforms like Oxygen are key to the growth of industries and economies around the world. The world has seen a monumental shift in the workforce, with a new creator class rising to the top. The team offer an incredible range of services for the large segment of the economy, which currently stands at 68M people and seems certain to rise to 90M by 2028. The move away from full time employment to project-based work by many entrepreneurs has changed the shape of how many businesses work. While the segment goes by several names – solopreneur, freelancer, creator or simply entrepreneur – the universal unifying factor is that they are often overlooked. As such, the team’s platform has been carefully designed for the ultimate in convenience for their customers. It guides the entire attitude of the business. Many of these individuals are millennials or Gen Z, and this requires a different tone and approach to traditional providers. It is a tone which is more authentic and less stuffy. To achieve strong connection, the team has collaborated with trusted platforms and influencers to achieve their astonishing results. Of course, no advertising campaign would be a success if the team could not deliver exceptional results. Fortunately, Oxygen has been able to produce an app that makes life as easy as possible for those who are often overlooked in the world’s rapidly changing economy. Both personal and business finances can be easily accessed and managed within the same application. Aspiring entrepreneurs can even create a Nationwide LLC within the app. Oxygen also enables people to access standard consumer and business spending accounts, savings accounts, cashback on everyday purchases, as well as retail and travel benefits like cell phone insurance and global lounge access. It’s a comprehensive solution that encapsulates everything that a modern banking solution should look like. Unlike traditional options, Oxygen is light, agile and able to adapt quickly to suit the needs of the client. The team’s unique knowledge of the industry comes from a position of experience. They have seen what it takes to be entrepreneurs and know how easy it is to overlook their contributions. When Oxygen was established, it was designed to cater specifically to the needs of these people. The core values of the firm, enabling them to flourish in this new and exciting environment, have been consistent since the first day of operation. There’s a simplicity to keeping with what drives you to stay on the path, and the work that the Oxygen team does empowers their clients to trust their instincts. Technology has enabled much of this change, but the world of fintech as a whole is generally conservative and resistant to innovation. Oxygen stands apart because it embraces the potential of technology. In this newly emerging economy, it’s not enough to maintain a legacy viewpoint. Oxygen is a team that is happy to consider rebuilding swaths of its infrastructure if it ensures better service for its clients. This might, for example, include rebuilding part of a stack to enable better user experience. Having launched just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the team have seen incredible change at an amazing pace. Theirs is a business which puts digital first, and it’s little surprise that as people were unable to talk and communicate in person, they would find new solutions online to the challenges faced by their businesses. The traditional adoption cycle that new technologies go through was leapfrogged in short order, supercharging not only the change, but the need for a team like that of Oxygen. While there will inevitably be some pushback against this as the situation returns to normal, the Oxygen team are confident that this will also be a short-term trend. As far as they can see, you simply can’t put the genie back in the bottle. The nature of being a start-up means that it is vital that the right people are found to put it in the best possible position. This is as true with Oxygen as it is with any other business. Finding the right people, however, is not just about choosing the smartest minds, but through exploring how those minds will connect together. Oxygen has become an incredibly diverse team, and this is very much by design. The leadership believe it is a superpower that ensures they can continue to thrive throughout even the most difficult of times, as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven. Having such an approach at the heart of their work means that the team’s direction is always one of intentionality. As a result of this, Oxygen is always able to push forward. The team are not just brought together to work, but are a family who believe in what they do. There is, at Oxygen, no sense of ego. While everyone who works at this small firm is constantly pushing forward, the amazing level of respect that has been maintained is only achieved thanks to the decision to be adamant about the lack of ego within every part of the business. After nearly two years, Oxygen is proud to be continuing along the trajectory of building the best banking platform for innovators. In keeping with their ambitious manoeuvres, they have planned for many exciting new products and announcements to come later this year. For those who want a banking platform that looks forwards, this is the team to turn to. And for those who want to be part of it, this is the team to join. Company: Oxygen Name: Hussein Ahmed, CEO and Founder Email: [email protected] Web Address: