Issue 9 2021

Issue 9 2021 19 Building the Communities of Tomorrow Established in 1886, Dean Close School has been building communities of education and of faith for 135 years. Named Most Community-Focused Prep School – Gloucestershire, we thought it time to explore and explain how they have achieved such notoriety within the education sector and how it has benefitted their students to learn in such a supportive environment. Nestled within 50 acres of parkland in the centre of Cheltenham, Dean Close School has a strong history of exceptional education. The school was built on an Evangelical Christian foundation of the Church of England, and the ethos and spirit of the church remains at the heart of the school today. The staff here pride themselves on curating an environment where their students can discover the gifts God has given them, and nurture them as they grow and develop. Dean Close School is, perhaps, the ideal size for an educational establishment. It’s large enough to offer all the facilities that a school might need, including a 550-seater professional theatre, two floodlit astro-turfs, indoor rifle range, dance studio and fully equipped gymnasium to name but a few facets while also being small enough to focus on individual development. This has opened the doors to many exciting opportunities for all students to embrace opportunities that they may not have been able to access. With roughly 300 pupils in the Prep School and 500 in the Senior School, class sizes are naturally quite small. This allows teachers to provide a bespoke experience that is tailored to the way in which these students learn. It also ensures that everyone has the opportunity to know one another and feel valued. The nature of Dean Close School means that there is a mix of both boarding students and day students on the campus. The staff have made it their mission to ensure that no matter where their students come from, they feel like a vital part of the student community. The life of the school is one which is naturally incredibly vibrant. Everyone has the opportunity to get involved with it. With an atmosphere that embraces not only the creative arts, but sports potential too, there’s a completeness to the team’s approach which simply can’t be matched. Needless to say, visitors to Dean Close School often comment on the warmth and friendliness of its environs, and the school team attribute this directly to the Christian heart and principles that guide them through every day. This ethos is best defined by a determination to develop independent thinking and the courage to have the confidence to challenge the status quo. Ideas at Dean Close School are something to be explored, with an eye always on the development of healthy relationships not only with each other, but throughout the school and the community at large. This atmosphere has proven key to the development of the school and what it offers to its students. The best schooling happens in a friendly, supportive environment where no one is afraid to share their ideas and perspectives. Young minds are capable of absorbing a wealth of exciting concepts and Dean Close School has been committed since its inception to ensuring that they can do exactly that. With a wealth of extracurricular activities, and the chance to really dig deeply in their deepest passions, it’s little wonder that the community that has built up at this institute is very special indeed. There’s nothing quite like it, anywhere. 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