Issue 9 2023

When recruiting new team members, the company is steadfast in its resolution to look beyond technical skills and talent, essential as they might be. It feels that it’s equally as important to seek out candidates who resonate with the company’s core values of innovation, teamwork, empowerment, and professionalism. In addition to this, it feels as though it’s crucial staff get on board with the company’s cultural identity, show adaptability, and are willing to embrace change. Once part of the team, CloudPay strongly commits to nurturing the development and growth of each team member, which it knows is a vital factor in business success. The internal culture at CloudPay is firmly rooted in a people-first philosophy, and an open-door policy that fosters a non-blame position. Instead, mistakes are looked at as an opportunity to learn. It believes in being open and transparent, actively fostering collaboration, and encouraging a positive outlook in interactions with peers. It recognises that the linchpin of success is its people. With 88% of Cloudees stating that their manager supports/ encourages development, and 83% recommending it as an excellent place to work, the nurturing atmosphere is clearly making a big difference to employees, and encouraging them to bring their best selves to the fore. This is a dedication perfectly in alignment with CloudPay’s ambition to effectively deliver the best modern pay experience, and is certainly evident in the passion and dedication of its whole workforce. Company: CloudPay Web Address: Contact Name: Claire Watson Aug23258 Automated and Efficient Payment Technology CloudPay has a single purpose, which is to modernise the payday experience for businesses and staff worldwide. It offers an integrated portfolio of payroll, funding, and pay-ondemand solutions using a cloud-based platform. As the recently announced winner of Best International Payroll Solutions Company 2023, we decided to find out more about its business. Why should you be interested in CloudPay? Well, with over 1,500 companies already using it for their employee pay needs, and a team obsessed with improving global payroll, treasury services, and ondemand pay, it offers a visionary service you can’t afford to ignore. CloudPay raises the importance of pay processes beyond that of an operational function to that of a true business advantage. It’s trusted to manage the pay processes of over 250 global organisations, processing over 2.5 million payslips a year across 130 countries. It handles over $24bn payments in 160 currencies, so it fully understands the challenges faced by payroll teams. It is also vehemently committed to improving them. With its integrated portfolio, delivered through a single cloud-based platform, it can be deployed anywhere in the world. Furthermore, by unifying payroll, treasury, and HCM functions, and leveraging innovative technology, it can transform pay processes to make them fast and seamless. Using CloudPay offers the certainty of end-to-end compliance, an ‘always-on’ global data analytics service, and error-free automated operations. This means that regardless of how complex an organisation might be, payroll is something that can always be relied on. The company serves a diverse range of businesses across all sectors, each one with unique global employee pay needs. The integrated services offered by CloudPay can streamline operations, and ensure precision. The expert team, headed up by CEO Roland Folz, are dedicated to implementing best practices, and navigating complex change. By optimising operations, it hopes, ultimately, to enhance employee experiences overall. It is always there, every step of the way, because employee pay is not just a part of what it does, it’s the very heart of its mission. That’s why it’s the trusted partner for so many companies’ global employee pay needs. In the realms of global pay, its pursuit of perfection is relentless, making it the absolute standout choice in the industry. “CloudPay remains focused on ensuring that people are paid on time, every time – no matter where they are in the world. Delivering a modern pay experience to our customers is key and we will continue to further invest in our technology and product roadmap to benefit our customers…” CloudPay operates with a focus on three key pillars, which combine to create successful pathways. These are employee experience, payroll effectiveness and business integration. The company firmly believes its people, whom it calls ‘Cloudees’, are what intrinsically ties the business together as its driving force. Its workforce played a pivotal role in CloudPay’s recent growth, and strong customer retention. The strong relationships they forge with clients is as integral to the company’s success as the high calibre products and services it offers. Roland Folz- CEO