Corporate Vision January 2017

28 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , For the past two years, Anupam has had a senior role at Graymatter, with activities including sales, marketing strategy and planning, content marketing, search engine optimization, events and campaigns, social media marketing, PR and publications, partnerships and alliances etc. The key result areas are lead generation, branding and revenue generation. Anupam talks about his previous experience and how this has helped him in his current role. “My previous role was in a firm with a similar business i.e., BI and Analytics. My role involved heading marketing and presales which has helped me significantly in my current role. As part of this role, I strategized and implemented extensive inbound marketing techniques. In my opinion, content-led inbound marketing is the essence of digital marketing and is one of the pillars of modern marketing. One of the key achievements was to get leads and improve branding with free, organic marketing. Content with the right messaging, coupled with smart SEO is truly a potent mix. In fact, paid campaigns or any outbound outreach to prospects would not be successful without effective content.” Any successful businessperson must keep themselves motivated in order to be successful. Anupam explains what he has done to keep positive and focused in his career. “I have a simple guiding principle – keep learning. While there could Ocean of Possibilities AnupamDasgupta has been in his current role in headingmarketing and communications for GrayMatter Software Services, which is a specialist provider of big data, BI and analytics products and services. In this interview, he chats to us about what has made himaward winning. be so many factors beyond your control, the one thing that always works is to keep learning and adding value to yourself. What this means is that more often than not, you would deliver more than expected, which is half the job done, in spite of other factors beyond your control.” During his career, Anupam has faced many challenges in the industry. He gives us an insight into the industry at the moment and what influences are currently affecting it. “The Big Data, BI and Analytics industry is growing at a fast pace across the world. The industry has a very bright future and is constantly evolving. The challenges include unavailability of budgets for advanced analytics programs due to lack of a defined business case or ROI for the investments. Other roadblocks include unavailability of skilled resources for high end analytics tools and technologies. Openness to adoption of new BI implementations is also an impediment at times. In some cases enterprises are not yet at the level of data maturity that could serve as a base for sophisticated analytics. In other words, sometimes basic data quality and integration issues exist that need to be addressed and the business needs to adapt to the changes, before advanced analytics techniques, higher up the value chain, can be applied.” Also, the industry being fast moving needs adaptability on the part of practitioners too . Anupam explains how employees stay on top of current and changing developments in technology. “I think constant learning and application of learning is the key to staying ahead of emerging developments. As part of the fast growing BI and Analytics sector, in my current and previous firms, one thing in common is that employees constantly innovate and learn under the patronage of the management, to achieve currency and growth in a dynamic business environment.” As part of his overall role in business development, Anupam is also focused on strategy. Business strategy is about being able to anticipate the market and being one step ahead as Anupam explains. A part of that is also to be inward looking and prepare to meet the market expectations. “In my current and previous roles, the focus of the business was on predicting the pulse of the market and refining competencies proactively to be one step ahead. This requires investments from the business to ensure a 3600 ramp up of the organization constantly, but it’s an essential ingredient which is taken into account by mature management teams.” Finally, Anupam talks about his own personal goals and outlines his plans for the future, saying “my future plans are to focus on digital marketing strategies in the BI and Analytics space. It’s an ocean of possibilities and I think there is always something more to be done. Maybe, I will start up a digital marketing consultancy someday too.” 1612CV32