Corporate Vision January 2017

Contents , 4. News 8. IBB Building for the Future* 10. Believer in People 12. Renewing Interest in Renewable Investment 14. Pro-active Approach to Problem Solving 16. First Class Distribution 18. Leading by Example 20. The Real Estate Adviser of Choice 22. Enhancing the Community 24. Success in Securities 26. Driving a Coaching Culture Worldwide 28. Ocean of Possibilities 30. From Small MBO to Global Leaders 32. Excellence in Education for the University of Edinburgh 34. Raising the Bar for Bacardi 36. The Key to Success 38. Looking for Perfection 40. Small Details Make Big Differences 42. Innovative and Dynamic Services 44. Putting the Intellectual in IP 46. Positioning Your Patent Beyond The Horizon SM 48. Driving Innovation at Mullen Group 50. A Supplier Management Expert 52. Stand Up and Be Counted 53. Doing the Right Thing the Right Way The First Time 54. Improve Your Thinking And Your Career 55. Creative, Agile and Decisive 56. Get Your Hands Dirty at the Speed of Life 58. Success in the Skills Sector 59. Competing in the 21st Century 60. Excellence in Law Since 1984 62. Adding Expertise to Industry 63. Deeply Rooted in the Community 64. Leading the Way in Lead Generation 65. Universal IT Knowledge, Simplified for Your Business 66. Very Positive Adventure 68. Tube and Pipe Fabrication Solutions 70. Air Care 72. Transforming Quality of Life 73. Energizing the Healthcare Market 74. Leading Light in Life Sciences 76. Champions of Responsible Software 78. Secrets to Success 79. Leaving a Lasting Legacy in Litigation 80. Tenacity in Technical Services 81. Animating the Industry 82. Better Way to Treat Diabetes 84. Travelling in Style 85. Feature Rich, Yet Affordable 86. RegTech Transforming Regulatory Pain into Results 88. Towering Over the Competition 90. Learning Made Simple 91. Driving Through Success 92. Sarah Gould: Certified Commercial Consultancy 94. Always Offering More 95. Engineering Excellence 96. Transforming Talent Acquisition 97. Plastic Fantastic 98. Connecting Your Contacts 99. Sensing Success 100. Giving the Gift of Excellence 101. A Safer and Cleaner Workplace 102. Winner’s Directory * Jacek Ambrozy @IBB Polish Building Wholesale