Corporate Vision January 2017

44 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , The LesavichHigh-Tech LawGroup, S.C., counsels high-tech start-up, emerging and established clients in all areas of intellectual property law and business law and entrepreneur law. We caught up with Founder Stephen Lesavich (Attorney of the Year 2017 – Illinois) to learnmore about the firmand how it works to achieve excellence for each of its clients. Putting the Intellectual in IP Established in in 2002, The Lesavich High-Tech Law Group, S.C. represents many different high-tech and world-class clients with global presences for patent, trademark, copyright and business law matters. Specifically, the group uses its specialized high-tech experience to assist clients in procuring, managing, protecting, leveraging, licensing and asserting intellectual property. As part of the firm’s services it prepares and prosecutes patent, trademark and copyright applications in the United States and around the world via its Foreign Associates. Stephen, who throughout his varied career has represented household names including, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Nike, Open TV and Rambus, discusses the firm and how it differentiates itself from its competition. “The Lesavich High-Tech Law Group opposes and defends trademarks and provides with co-counsel, litigation and litigation consulting for complex, high-tech intellectual property disputes. Most client matters are completed on a reasonable cost basis compared to large IP law firms so clients can budget their IP protection and are not surprised by invoices they receive for their IP work. This sets our firm apart from our competitors, and marks us out as the best possible option.” “Personally, I have deep technical professional experience and expertise in the computer, networking, cybersecurity and telecommunications areas. I have worked professionally as a software engineer and have a PhD in computer science as well. I talk directly to engineers, scientists and inventors in their own technical language and ask the appropriate technical and legal questions to protect new inventions. In addition, with deep business management experience I talk directly to CEOs and other C-level management executives to help them avoid legal problems and assist them in developing legal strategies to protect and exploit their IP assets. One big thing that sets my firm apart from other IP law firms in Illinois is the continued successful procurement of hundreds of issued patents, registered trademarks and registered copyrights for a large number of global clients.” “Our client satisfaction is achieved through successful procurement of defensible issued patents, registered trademarks and registered copyrights. The tangible IP assets that add significant financial value to their companies.” Among Stephen’s specialisms is IP law, and he has been operating in this sector for many years. He talks us through the techniques he employs in order to offer the very best IP services, advice and support to his clients. “Intellectual property law is a speciality area of the typically comprising the procurement and protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights. IP law has specialized rules and procedures. In the United States, an attorney who desires to be patent practitioner is also required to pass an additional bar exam to practice before the United States Patent Office. This ensures that everyone working in this sector, including myself, operates to the highest possible standard.” “In order to achieve this, one of my law firm’s trademarks is ‘Protecting innovations on the edge of technology.’ As a patent attorney, I am able to work with inventors who are at the edge of technology trying to protect the next generation of innovations. I try to incorporate new innovations and new technologies into my practice of IP law whenever I can to keep up with the clients I represent.” Operating in an ever evolving market the group has to constantly adapt in order to remain at the forefront of innovation; as such Stephen concludes by describing how his firm is working to remain at the ahead of the game and adapting to the constant digitalisation of the industry. “Mobile devices, wearables, mobile payments and social media has significantly changed the technology landscape and in turn the legal landscape. Since we are a high-tech law firm, we have to be able to interact and communicate with our high-tech clients no matter what types of new technology or social media they are using. This remains our ongoing focus as we aim to offer clients the very highest standard of service.” K Company: Lesavich High-Tech Law Group, S.C. Name: Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 5008 Green Bay Road, Suite 107, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53144 USA Telephone: +1.312.332.3751 Twitter: @SLesavich Linkedin: Google+: 1701CV76