Corporate Vision January 2017

52 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , Whitefriars Catholic College for Boys aims to empower youngmen to live with integrity through experiences of community and prayer and through a sensitivity to justice. It assists them to take their place in a contemporary global society as valued individuals, alive with the wisdomof the Gospel. Businesswoman of the year, Emilia Fields, speaks to us about the importance women play in providing amemorable experience for students. Stand Up and Be Counted Whitefriars is a Catholic College for boys which is situated in Melbourne, Australia. It is a Carmelite school which began teaching in 1961. The College is officially registered by Austrade to recruit international students into the College and the International Student Program has been running for 20 years. The College has a student population of 1,200 and the levels taught are Years 7 to 12. The people Emilia works with are the students, the staff, the boys’ parents, the overseas and local accredited agents, and the homestay parents. Emilia’s role at Whitefriars College has many facets. She has been a mainstay for 18 years, and has been in her current role, as Director of International Student Program for the last 12. She tells us what her day to day responsibilities are as well as her previous experience. “I coordinate the Homestay program and recruit the respective homestay families. I am responsible for the promotion of the program and the recruitment of international students. I select and liaise with the overseas Whitefriars accredited Agents. I am the Prisms Administrator (Enrolment, Welfare and records) and VRQA Policy Assurance officer (Victorian Government). I organise overseas promotional trips and attend exhibitions, seminars, visits to parents, agents and schools. I also oversee the Bridging Program which is a 20 weeks Intensive English Course for new international students. Additionally, I have commitments as President of Vision International (An Association of Victorian Secondary schools), Representative of Victorian Non-Government Schools at the Ministerial Round table (a Victorian State Government initiative) and Member of the Victorian Student Interest Group (A Victorian Education Department project)”. “My previous positions of leadership at Whitefriars were Transition Coordinator, House System Coordinator and Student Representative Council Coordinator. Prior to Whitefriars, I was Foundation Head of School at a Co-educational College, Head of School at a Girls College and part- time University lecturer” Emilia discusses the importance of women in the industry and what role they play in providing the highest standard of education at Whitefriars College. “The sector is going from strength to strength and the competition is much more evident in every aspect especially in areas such as global citizenship and multiculturalism. Over 58% of our staff at Whitefriars are women. The school believes in women as leaders and many women are in positions of leadership and in middle management positions in our school. The College has a great reputation and this helps high quality women leaders to be motivated enough to apply for various positions within our organisation. They also feel nurtured and respected. The main challenge for women is to believe in who they are, what they can do and then go for it. “The advice I would give to women is that they should be proud of their achievements and believe they can make a valuable contribution to education as professional leaders, as well as not to feel intimidated by the other gender in terms of promotion and applying for jobs. Once in the job: stand up, be counted, ask for help and then leave a legacy.” Emilia highlights what the future holds in 2017 for international students at Whitefriars College, as well as her personal goals which she aims to achieve. “In the area of International students, we will continue to enhance integration of students, globalisation within the school community and the transition of international students to tertiary education.” “My personal goals are to continue to strengthen international programs in schools. We listen extensively to students and then adopt new programs that enhance the students’ positive experience in a new country.” Ending the interview, Emilia hopes to see more awareness in society with regards to gender equality and to continue to see women celebrated at the helm of their undertakings. She has a bold message for the business women of the world – “Stand up and be counted”. K Company: Whitefriars College Name: Emilia Fields Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 151 Park Road Donvale, Melbourne, Victoria Australia Telephone: +61 3 98728280 1701CV15