Corporate Vision January 2017

54 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , DeanWilliams, owner of DeanWilliams Executive Coach (DWEC) Ltd, has been offering high- level senior coaching for the last 16 years, and over the last ten of those years, has conducted around 2,000 one to one sessions. In December last year, Deanwas awarded the prestigious ‘UK’s Finest inHR And Talent Training 2016’ at the HR Excellence Awards 2016. We invited him to tell us more about his business, and his latest successful book. Improve Your Thinking And Your Career DWEC Ltd offers one to one and team coaching for senior people in business. Dean is invited to work with high potential talent (from a variety of job specialisms) within some of the world’s leading organisations. Samsung, HSBC, Barclays, Bupa, Thames Water and MasterCard are just some of the high profile companies that the coaching business works with. Dean explains more about the service which he offers to clients. “The concept of what I do is getting people to improve their thinking in order to improve company and individual performance and results. This is done by offering a deep understanding of their goals and dilemmas, and a robust and challenging approach”. “I offer a lot of career coaching to people who are ambitious in their career development aspirations. Over the last ten years, and two in particular, I have looked at the formula and structure of my career coaching. There are countless examples of individuals that I have managed to help in their thinking, and actually achieve a higher level of sustainable career success. I have found that achieving career success has a science to it and is predictable”. In his latest book, ‘Thrive: How to Achieve and Sustain High- Level Career Success’ which was published in December 2016, Dean explains a roadmap concept he created and how it helps towards achieving career success. “This roadmap (or as I call it ‘Career Annulus’ © Dean Williams 2016) covers 9 core aspects of essential focus and mastery in your career, together with a challenge to see if you are ready for further high-level career development. Some of the core aspects include: How To State Your Ambition, The Importance Of Finding Cheerleaders, and Looking And Acting The Part Above Your Current Grade”. After receiving his HR Excellence Award and releasing his book, Dean is keen to move towards working with HR departments and talent teams to help them manage and nurture their top talent. “I want to work with internal teams to share the formula and science of the ‘Career Annulus’ © Dean Williams 2016. In turn giving them the tools to keep, engage and grow their top talent. After all, losing top talent is a very costly exercise”. Dean is offering an in demand half-day workshop to share his understanding with talent teams. You are invited to contact Dean for further information. Aside from his work at DWEC Ltd, Dean is co-founder of The Business Coaching Academy, whose focus is to offer Accredited training to leaders and managers on how to coach, whilst he is also a trustee for a leading international charity called Hope & Homes for Children. K Company: Dean Williams Executive Coach Ltd Name: Dean Williams Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: 0845 604 4403 Twitter: @dwecintouch Additional website address: Level-Success/dp/1786238039 1701CV18