Corporate Vision January 2017

, Clarity International is a worldwide digital design integrator working with large m u l t i n a t i o n a l corporations, supercharging the effectiveness and experience of their employee engagement, digital learning and sales tools. For over ten years, their strategists, designers and technologists, located in offices across three continents, consult and guide major enterprises through the journey of building a digital ecosystem. Francesco Furnari explains more about what the company does. “We create easy-to-use bespoke software solutions and engaging eLearning content to empower people in complex organisations, driving them to meet their objectives and more. Clarity International has grown with a global list of clients that includes HSBC, BT, Ministry of Defence, Marsh & McLennan, TEVA, Toshiba, Huawei, HP, and Microsoft. “We’ve won numerous awards and industry recognitions including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, two Learning & Performance Institute Awards and three BT Innovation Awards. We are a Nielsen Norman and Microsoft SharePoint certified company. Clarity International is also a member of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association and a corporate member of the Cambridge Institute for Get Your Hands Dirty at the Speed of Life Clarity International creates user-friendly bespoke software solutions and engaging eLearning content to empower people in complex organisations. As an award-winner, Francesco Furnari, our CMO of the Year 2016 – UK , has helped in the continued success of the company. We spoke to him to find out more. Sustainability Leadership. As a company, we provide financial support to several charities and encourage our team to get involved with the local community and the wider world through volunteering.” Francesco talks about his role and the challenges and industry trends he has faced whilst becoming an award-winning CMO. “The key challenge I have faced to become a successful CMO is to come up with new tactics and techniques. My neuro- marketing studies - done over ten years ago - helped me a lot. Understanding the nature of the human being and how our brain works was fundamental to any communication, marketing and sales activity. Our scouting teams in Silicon Valley, Israel and Japan also play a key role here. They allow us to stay on top of new technology and communications trends which, in turn, enables us to provide advanced end-to-end solutions for our clients. “My motto is ‘get your hands dirty at the speed of life’. Along with my team, I have designed and run 700+ management campaigns for our clients on digital learning, product design, user experience, employee engagement, transformation, digital media and sales enablement. I spent a lot of my time out in my clients’ offices, so I travel quite a lot. “As a communications officer, there are also so many industry trends which I follow - gamification, storytelling, virtual reality, social learning, artificial intelligence, and the list goes on - but the key to success stems fromunderstanding people’s experiences and the context in which they work and live. I explore their experiences to understand their habits and needs to identify the problems they face and opportunities for our clients’ business.” Technology is vital for any business. However, Francesco explains how the user experience is just as important, if not more. “An unfriendly user experience and technology - even if it is a ‘cool’ one - will simply fail. Our focus is on user needs and lifestyle understanding. Not only do we want to know who they are, but we want to dive deeper into understanding their motivations, mentality and behaviour. This sort of deep insight will help us keep our clients’ products/solutions focused on delivering a great experience. A very high level of service and a personal relationship with our clients are in Clarity’s DNA. Over the years, the marketing industry has changed considerably. Francesco speaks about how these changes have affected business and shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry. “We live in a society which is constantly changing and so everything around us is changing too - technology, houses, cars, schools, hospitals, products and so on. If we want to effectively communicate to people - either inside or outside a company - it’s imperative that communications techniques and tactics evolve and adapt to the individual accordingly; think about the Millennials in a corporate environment. “Many - if not all - of my clients are going through a transformation or change programme i.e. HR, IT, Finance, Operations, etc. These programmes will have a big impact on their employees. Our job is to consult and guide our clients through this journey and get their employees to embrace the changes.” Ultimately, Clarity International has a bright future ahead which Francesco explains. “Clarity International will continue what it’s best at: consulting and guiding major enterprises through the journey of building digital ecosystems, and creating user-friendly bespoke software solutions, eLearning programmes and engaging content to empower people in organisations. The result: our clients save £X million thanks to our proven ROI model.”