Corporate Vision January 2017

60 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP is dedicated to providing the best quality legal service to each and every one of its clients, while providing personalized solutions and attention throughout the process, as the firm believes that their clients deserve no less. Professional, knowledgeable and personal service at a level seldom found in the legal profession today is found every day at Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele. The lawyers of the firm make a practice of it. The firm was founded in 1984 with the philosophy of serving its clients fully, which remains at the very core of the practice today. This exceptional degree of service is what sets the firm apart from its competitors, and enables their attorneys to form long-term, beneficial relationships with their clients. Despite boasting many areas of specialization, the team of attorneys are able to offer a personalized service in each area. By providing their clients with a full range of services, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele is able to support their clients in almost any legal situation they may encounter. Given the globalization of commerce and the establishment of the information age, the law firm decided many years ago Excellence in Law Since 1984 Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP is a full service lawfirm providing legal advice to its clients in numerous areas of the law. The teamat Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele adhere to the philosophy that for quality legal representation, a firmmust address the lawwhilst also addressing the specialized needs of each individual client. that their clients would be best served by establishing a regional presence. The firm has offices in five Southeastern states, staffed by full time attorneys and support staff. Many firms maintain ‘drop box’ offices and claim to be regional, but Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele has attorneys who are employed on a full-time basis in each office and each community. These attorneys are experts in the state law of their respective fields, rather than simply attorneys who have taken a second bar exam. The firm’s Knoxville, TN office has over 20 attorneys, handling everything from insurance defense to corporate transactions. In December 2008, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele’s Marietta office relocated to Emerson Overlook, a newly constructed seven story building in the heart of Marietta. This new location was constructed with the firm in mind and is equipped to handle any growth within the firm for many years to come. Over a number of years, many ‘national’ law firms have moved to Atlanta or absorbed smaller practices is the Southeast. . Owing to the fact Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele is a regional firm, the partners of the firm are confident that their clients recognize that they have the resources and expertise to continue to meet their needs in numerous locations. Though the main office is in a northern suburb of Atlanta, the firm maintains a strong presence throughout the greater metropolitan Atlanta area, while also representing clients throughout the country. With the law firm’s location in the suburbs, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele’s cost of doing business is much lower than the ‘big’ firms who perhaps focus too much on the materiality of their premises. As Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele has a lower overhead, they do not pass on expenses such as parking, postage and copying charges to their clients. Likewise, they are able to offer the same or better legal expertise at significantly discounted hourly rates. At Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, a strong mentoring program is provided for all of their associates. The firm’s senior attorneys take great pride in making sure that newer attorneys understand the importance of client confidentiality, while ethically advocating on their behalf. Their attorneys understand that while their job is to zealously represent the interests of clients, this must be done without compromising the firm’s professional responsibilities to the bar and their opposition. Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele has recently launched 1701CV35