Corporate Vision January 2017

62 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , The Rawlings Law Firm is a boutique lawfirmbased inNorth Carolina and Founded by experienced Attorney and Neurosurgeon Charles E. Rawlings. We invited Charles, Attorney of the Year 2017 for North Carolina, to discuss howhis experience in the medical industry has helped him to create a practice which prides itself on achieving the best possible outcome for its clients. Adding Expertise to Industry Founded in 2007, the Rawlings Law Firm has built an outstanding reputation for legal excellence, dedicated client service and high ethical standards. Established as a boutique law practice, the firm aims to emphasize litigation, particularly medical malpractice cases, business litigation, contract disputes, catastrophic injury cases, wrongful death cases, as well as family law litigation. Charles, a Board- Certified neurosurgeon, discusses his background and how he came to form the practice. “Prior to founding the Rawlings Law Firm, I was an actively practicing neurosurgeon who was Board-certified in 1991. I graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2002 and passed the North Carolina and New Jersey Bars that same year. I subsequently passed the South Carolina Bar and have also been admitted into both Pennsylvania and the Texas Bars. I represent injured clients from across the state of North Carolina as well across the United States. I have even represented several foreign clients. In addition, I have acted as an expert witness in a multitude of states as well as for the U.S. Army. We meet with approximately five to seven new clients per week and file multiple cases per year. We actively practice litigation. “Since founding the practice, we have expanded into almost all types of litigation as well as mediation. I personally mediate one to two cases per month. Our clients are almost always significantly injured persons or those who have been a victim of corporate or domestic negligence, and we aim to support them to the best of our ability through what is often a challenging time. As a plaintiff’s firm, we do not maintain neutrality with regard to our clients; instead we represent them zealously. Confidentially is strictly maintained with regard to their records and cases based on our ethical obligations. Moreover, we thoroughly discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the case with our clients. Our strict degree of honesty with all our clients is central to our client service and we pride ourselves on supporting them to the very best of our ability.” As one of less than ten neurosurgeons in the United States who practice law and only one of a few JD-MD’s in the state of North Carolina, Charles is highly sought after and his practice is considered unique. Moreover, Charles is the only attorney in North Carolina who is a member of the ABPLA in medical malpractice, ensuring that he is able to offer clients the very highest standard of service. Despite this his firm still faces many challenges, but Charles views these more as opportunities than issues. “The main challenge we face in medical negligence litigation or in any litigation for that matter, is to be honest with the client especially with regard to a cost-benefit analysis of their case. In addition, continually staying current with the changing legislative and case law landscape requires our constant effort, learning of and monitoring the new court decisions. All of these affect and will continue to affect our law firm in the future, but we are committed to remaining vigilant and maintaining our strong focus on supporting our clients.” In his concluding comments Charles outlines his future ambitions for his practice and how it will work hard to continue offering clients the very highest level of service and support. “Moving forward, I anticipate that the Rawlings Law Firm will continue to grow and maintain its high level of integrity and honesty with regard to its clients. Our job is to obtain compensation in a cost-effective manner for these injured by the actions of others, and this will remain our ongoing focus.” K Company: The Rawlings Law Firm Name: Charles E. Rawlings, MD, JD Email: [email protected] Website: Address: 426 Old Salem Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Phone: 336-725-6444 1701CV87