Corporate Vision January 2017

64 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , The Lead Generation Company specialises in end-to-end lead generation and strategic client management. We invited Founder and Australian CEO of the Year 2016, Edward Sedgley to talk us through the firmand the range of services it provides. Leading the Way in Lead Generation Founded in 2004 in response to a market need for professional Business to Business (B2B) appointment setting services, Lead Generation has since grown to assisting all types of businesses in many industries with a core component of growth; new customer acquisition. This is achieved through a combination of data profiling, direct mail, outbound contact, email marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation, with the approach being dependant on the client’s target market and the most effective strategy to drive new business at the best Cost Per Acquisition. Edward discusses the approach he and his team have devised over the year and how this has helped the firm to achieve its impressive growth and success. “At Lead Generation, the strategy over the past few years has been to work with my management team to diversify the business to become an end to end lead generation provider for all clients. We identified three key areas in which we needed to add resources to assist our clients: social media and new technologies; access to highly accurate B2B and B2C target data; and adding external phone contact capabilities to assist our existing Australia team. “This has seen us add internal lead generation expertise in Facebook, LinkedIn and Marketing Automation; acquire and build very strong opt-in business and consumer data and to develop a call centre in South Africa. “The strong growth and diversification of the business saw Lead Generation Company acquired by The Marketing Group (TMG) in June 2016. This has been a highly successful acquisition as being part of TMG provides us access to a much broader, global client base as well as giving us a much bigger balance sheet to go after some of the larger deals which would traditionally go to global agencies. In addition, the TMG agglomeration model is based on allowing me and the management team the flexibility and resources to continue with our growth strategy without some of the hindrances of traditional acquisitions.” Central to the firm’s success over recent years has been its dedication to staying ahead of the latest market developments, which is a challenge Edward personally feels responsible for as CEO. “One of the most important challenges for Lead Generation Company has been to keep evolving with new lead generation techniques and technologies to stay ahead of our competition. In my role, this means giving my management team the support to investigate new ways of generating leads, whether this means providing budget to set-up a call centre in South Africa or hiring a Facebook specialist to integrate with our other services. In 2016, this meant supporting my team with business as usual and our growth strategy whilst finalising the TMG acquisition and then working to ensure we can get the most out of being part of a global marketing company. Looking ahead, the firm’s new position within TMG has provided it with many exciting opportunities for growth and expansion, as Edward concludes. “In order to build upon our current success Lead Generation have a two-sided strategy for the future; the first part is the existing growth strategy prior to the acquisition by TMG which is now complemented by the growth opportunities via being part of the group. With projects such as our data division and South African operation we have plenty of projects to keep things interesting moving forward. “Additionally, being part of TMG also provides the ability and incentives for Lead Generation Company to grow through acquiring complimentary businesses. This is incorporated into our longer term plans and is something which I look forward to driving with the support of my team.” K Company: Lead Generation Company Pty Ltd Name: Edward Sedgley Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Level 11, 600 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004 Australia Telephone: 1300 LEADGEN (1300 53 23 43) 1701CV66