Corporate Vision January 2017

Leading Light in Life Sciences ## Company: Nordic BioSite AB Name: Yvonne Zar Email: [email protected] Web Address: Finnish Lab: Address: Propellervägen 4 A, 183 62 TÄBY, SWEDEN Telephone: +46 8 5444 3340 g Norway and the USA. Alongside the acquisition of the laboratory in 2012, with our own production in Finland, these developments show great potential for the company. Our plan is to expand further into the USA and into other market through joint ventures, and we would like to establish a BioSite distributor. Alongside this, we would like to increase our resources in the laboratory and enhance our range of services. The laboratory market shows great potential with regard to both profitability and growth. “I, alongside my colleagues, have been on a journey with this firm. It has taken time and energy, and we are looking forward to continued growth and success. We are looking forward to continuing the development of our Optibodies™, the antibodies that are optimised at our lab in Finland called BioSiteHisto. I feel that I know this business very well, and I am excited to continue developing here.”