Corporate Vision January 2017

88 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , Conning Towers operates on the basis that organisations are best able to support the clients they aim to serve when they recognise, develop and make the optimal use of the skills and talents of the people available to work in and support their own organisations. Drawing on the recognition that organisations do not think, act or behave; people do, Conning Towers supports the development of maximum productivity and harmonised workplaces by identifying strategic solutions to the people related areas of business that managers caught up in the day to day running of business may not readily see or have the tools or time to resolve. Susan outlines the firm’s approach and how this provides clients with the solutions they need. “When I first start work with a client my starting point is always to gain an understanding of their needs and to determine how best to help them. “Whilst we have a number of programmes on offer, I always begin with an in-depth interview or review that both provides the organisation with intelligence and an understanding of best approach. This will lead to the delivery of a programme or project that best meets the specific needs of the client. With Towering Over the Competition Conning Towers Ltd is an exclusive, global boutique style Human Value Optimisation organisationworking with a range of cross sector clients. Owner and Human Resources Specialist Susan Popoola talks us through the range of services her firmoffers and how it works to provide the highest standard of human resource services on the market. the aid of milestones and both formal and informal reviews, I always work to make sure that the client’s needs are being met.” As a company Conning Towers typically works with organisations through four stages to enable them to fully leverage the value of the people working with them. The starting point all depends on where an organisation is at the point of engagement. The initial, Foundation Stage works with organisations to ensure that that they have the basic foundational systems and structures in place. At the Performance stage, the company works with organisations to develop more enhanced systems, and clear frameworks around competency and performance. The transformational stage is where true transformation takes place through business intelligence, talent management and engagement Finally, the optimisation stage is focused around bespoke strategies that fully optimisation potential and capacity in line with an organisation’s visions and values. Susan, whose expertise and strong industry knowledge has helped the firm to develop, hone and implement this approach, discusses her expertise and experience and how she has worked to ensure her firm offers the very best possible solutions to its clients. “Personally, I have always been a curious, highly analytical Systems Thinker with a keen interest in understanding how things work and how they can be made to work better throughout my career. Against this background when I was employed as an administrator over 20 years ago and was asked to implement an HR System and realised that the organisation had not done any work to understand the business needs before purchasing the system, I instinctively knew what to do. In the end I conducted a full organisation review, organisation design and systems implementation. Providing the organisation with an HR System that served as a key strategic tool to effectively manage and develop the people areas of the business. “Coupled with the qualifications that I gained over the years, this led me to be known by the top HR Interim and Recruitment agencies as a rare breed of HR person with a good understanding and interest in how technology can be used both operationally and strategically to aid Transformation and Talent Management. As a result, I have worked cross sector in projects in organisations such as Arups, WorleyParsons, Department of Health, London Fire Service and the Royal Festival Hall; developing a broad and in-depth experience which I now use in my consultancy work with my clients.” Moving forward, Susan’s focus will remain on development as she seeks to build upon the current success of Conning Towers. “Looking ahead, Conning Towers will remain committed to building on our current success with an additional focus on working with organisations using the Mosaic Model. This is an innovative approach which is all about transformative through effective inclusion, engagement and talent management. I believe this is key in the current environment in the UK as we work through the implications of Brexit and globally as the workplace evolves as a result of Automation and development of robotics coupled with the continued struggle to find and engage the people with the right skills and capabilities to meet organisational needs. “Overall our aim is to continually support clients with the complexities that they face within the workplace within ever evolving wider environments.” CO160024