Corporate Vision July 2017

CORPORATE VISION / July 2017 15 I’m with You All the Way Name: Agustín Markaide, Chairman of EROSKI Web Address: Address: Bº San Agustín, Elorrio 48230 Spain g reinforced with good and responsible products (own brand as well as manufacturer brand), a strong presence of local and fresh products, wide ranges for greater consumer freedom of choice and a close relationship with EROSKI’s consumer members, with personalised offers and new advantages. “Likewise, there will be information campaigns and actions such as the EROSKI Consumer magazine, with more than 6 million readers a month, the Eating School with the Energy to Grow programme in which 10% of the primary school children of Spain have participated. Also, I would like to highlight the new and pioneering advice programme, EKILIBRIA, launched in 2016, which uses the new technologies to help consumers have a more balanced diet through personalised nutritional diagnosis, a nutritional Q&A service, recipes and special deals. “This award is in recognition of the achievements we have all made in recent years, as well as the innovation-based management we have applied at all levels. If there is one thing that summarises EROSKI’s activity in the last few years, it is transformation; comprehensive innovation committed to the optimisation of the value chain, the development of new store models based on listening to consumers and a new way of relating to customers.”