Corporate Vision July 2017

CORPORATE VISION / July 2017 25 CellTrust CEO CellTrust CEO & Co-Founder Sean Moshir For more information, visit g environment, the mobile device user can confidently conduct business and know they are compliant with corporate policies and mandated requirements. CellTrust SL2™ makes it easier to use mobile devices in a regulatory environment, stipulated by federal mandates such as FINRA, HIPAA, and other complex reporting and archiving requirements. Open Door (and Mind) Policy Mindset Center Stage at CellTrust Moshir believes great customer support is critical to business success. “One of the most important elements of stakeholder strategy at CellTrust is the customer,” said Moshir. “I enjoy keeping my finger on the market pulse by remaining involved and interacting with CellTrust customers.” Moshir developed many products and exited an Inc. 500 company over the past 20 years. During his career, he led several industry-changing technology initiatives including the creation of ManageWare, which he sold to IBM. He also developed one of the first network anti-virus VAP software for Central Point Software, a company ultimately acquired by Symantec. Credited with founding the now multi-million- dollar security patch vulnerability management and remediation space by establishing PatchLink Corporation (now Ivanti), Moshir led PatchLink to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States at the time, with tens of millions using the software today. In just two years, PatchLink grew from 18 to more than 200 employees working from several global office locations. Moshir founded and established CellTrust in 2006, where he remains CEO today. At CellTrust, understanding the nuances of the compliance enforcement market was in line with Moshir’s experience. Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as Shell, Lockheed Martin, Novell, IBM, Thompson, Kraft Foods, Harley Davidson, and the banking industry, sought out Moshir for his security products and expertise. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Moshir is as adept at providing complex technology recommendations as he is running day-to-day business. While Moshir continues to ensure all CellTrust stakeholders buy into his SL2™ and BYOD vision, he also makes sure everyone from office manager to software developer to CFO gets the opportunity to present their views and ideas. “Giving all employees a voice makes achieving our goals much easier,” Moshir explained. “My open-door policy with all employees, customers, and contractors helps me to see the objectives and end-game from different perspectives.” Moshir admits that several CellTrust stakeholders are closer to some of the core issues than he is as CEO. For example, and for obvious reasons, CellTrust developers are oftentimes closer to product issues and problems. “Their approach to addressing an issue could be different than what I would have advised; but that isn’t always a bad thing,” noted Moshir. “In fact, sometimes it is a great thing. In the end, I just make sure their ideas fit into the big picture and are coherent with our overall product and company roadmap.” At CellTrust, department heads manage their own departments day-to-day but Moshir encourages all employees to communicate with him and other executive team members at all levels. It is important that CellTrust employees feel comfortable approaching and discussing ideas with the CEO. The open door (and mind) policy at CellTrust remains a top priority for Moshir and his executive team. A Relaxed Culture Built on Goals and Expectations Just last year, Fast Company published a story on corporate culture. As part of the myth busting format, writer Barry Saltzman determined that companies can cultivate a relaxed atmosphere and still set boundaries. Moreover, Saltzman discovered that in a recent Business Analysis and Research study sponsored by Strategic Finance, 40 percent of employees surveyed agreed that they benefit when their own goals are in step with their company’s goals. So, while Moshir might not have invented the relaxed tech company environment, he certainly has taken hold of the right culture approach. “I expect people to do what they need to do to meet objectives, but those same objectives are all set around high-level company goals,” said Moshir. “I find when employees at every level feel they are part of the big picture, they feel more confident taking on projects and supporting the corporate end game.” Moshir points out that CellTrust provides food and drink to ensure employees are happy, energized, and well-fed during the workday. Because CellTrust deals with mobile security and compliancy scenarios at so many levels, customers expect a level of corporate professionalism and interaction that extends beyond other consumer technology software service providers. In addition, CellTrust provides employees with a Zen Room for reenergizing, an employee recognition program, flexible work hours and accommodations for parents. CEO of Year Award Provides Multi-Faceted Affirmation “After working years in the cybersecurity technology industry and serving as an advisor to national cybersecurity gurus, such as the late Howard Schmidt, former cyber-security coordinator during the Obama and Bush administrations, it is an honor to be recognized as Arizona’s CEO of Year,” Moshir humbly acknowledged. Moshir notes his fondness for Arizona as one of best places to live and work. However, he laments that a business location, Arizona is sometimes underestimated for its cybersecurity attributes, innovation, and advancement. For this reason, Moshir made a concerted effort to extend beyond his for-profit to become one of founding board members of The non-profit, cybersecurity coalition was created to generate, attract, and retain highly educated tech talent into Arizona’s cybersecurity sector. Moshir believes that actively working across private and public business sectors gives him an advantageous employee and customer perspective and focus. Moshir added that many Americans don’t realize there is a Cyber Security Warfare Range based in Arizona. The range is open to organizations with an interest in developing well- trained workforces versed in the continuous improvement process for cyber security and ultimately national security. When asked to reflect on key attributes that helped him become an award-winning business leader, Moshir mentioned an intuitive nature that he developed through his career. Moshir stated, “I think my ability to recognize the raw energy people have in them and help them channel that energy in a positive way has been a driving force over the years. And, my ability to team, work with, and adapt to many personalities has been a plus.” Moshir believes the ability to focus and understand a business’ space, industry, and trends is critical to success. Being able to make changes and adapt as the market changes is how CellTrust has advanced — Moshir expects more of the same. “I believe CellTrust’s new SL2™ technology will rapidly take off based on industry feedback received to date,” Moshir explained. “Our continued expansion will provide customers what they have come to expect from CellTrust — superior mobile security and compliancy enforcement, that cost-effectively combines personal and work mobile devices without the risk.”