Corporate Vision July 2017

26 CORPORATE VISION / July 2017 , No Stranger to Awards and titles, Harmony Healthcare founder, Christopher HG Brown, has attained CEO of the Year 2016 – Florida Bringing Harmony to Healthcare Recruitment Christopher Brown has been a top name in the healthcare industry throughout his career, and as ‘Rookie of the year 1988’ at Wayne S. Mello and associates, he is no stranger to receiving awards and accolade to celebrate his successes. Throughout his career, Christopher has held the positions of Lead Account Executive & Recruiter and Vice President for several companies, and has been a member of the board of directors for another. He has founded and grown two companies within the healthcare sector the first venture was On Assignment, a health information management platform designed to accelerate the paper to digital changes in the industry during the early 2000’s. his second venture, harmony healthcare, has been operating for seven years and provides interim staffing, project management, consulting, direct to hire, outsourcing and international solutions. As Vice President of Health Information Management Services with On Assignment, Christopher introduced, trained, and made cultural multiple product lines from a small group of Medical Records Coders. These lines included health information management and Coding leadership at the highest levels. In this role, Brown was celebrated as OA “Vice President of the Year” for 2007, 2008, and 2009 becoming the first person to achieve this status over multiple years, and adding yet more titles to his growing collection. Christopher began developing harmony Healthcare in 2010 due to the unique and paradigm changing events in healthcare. He undertook the challenge of organically starting a staffing and solutions organisation. Recognising the outstanding importance of revenue cycle leadership and staff in healthcare at this critical point in time, the aging of the “baby boomer” population, the unfunded mandates from the government, and the growing complexity and involvements of every facet of the healthcare organisation again presented opportunity for Brown. Christopher stated his philosophy early in the business’ conception: “We want to be there for our clients with facilities continuing to be burdened by the challenges of finding leaders and staff capable of rising to this myriad of challenges. We feel our support to be of a great calling and excitement”. He has carried this philosophy with him and has grown Harmony Healthcare to a 500+ employee agency, operating across the United States and working in client hospital systems ranging from critical access facilities to the most dynamic health systems. A true entrepreneur, Christopher has brought a unique combination of integrity, passion and vision to every post and venture he has been involved in. Harmony Healthcare’s mission statement is; “To create success by leading and serving others. We are the preeminent Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management staffing and services organisation, recognised as a creative leader, equally fulfilling the diverse needs of our customers, Ambassadors and co-workers.” The company aims to meet this by continuing the rich tradition of providing superior Healthcare Staffing Services that their brand is known for. Established to address the HIM professionals’ shortage, Harmony Healthcare was built to service every sector of the health information management industry. Their main selling point is their ability to successfully recruit and provide the highest level of Healthcare candidates at hard to fill geographic locations and specialties. Harmony Healthcare have earned a reputation for their dedication to customer service and for the quality of their HIM professionals. They maintain a company culture which strives for excellence through serving the needs of others. This is evident in their ongoing efforts to assess and refine their management, clinical, and support processes. Across the United States, the company is growing from a small team of eager Recruiters to a corporation with satisfied clients in every level of the healthcare sector. The success behind the evolution of Harmony Healthcare’s growth is their demand for excellence in recruitment, retention, and customer care. Harmony Healthcare provides interim, outsourcing, project management and reviews as well as direct-to-hire services for clients. The company’s experts are highly trained, can spot problems and lead a client facility through the best processes, procedures and solutions. The company specialises in hiring revenue cycle and health information management professionals for client facilities. With a large breadth of expertise under the Harmony Healthcare umbrella, the company can provide support in areas ranging from clinical documentation improvement, coding, auditing, and GSA government compliance at Veterans Administration hospitals and U.S. military bases. Looking to the future, Harmony Healthcare clients can rest assured that the future brings with it new opportunities for continued success, which the company will be taking advantage of to bring the best services available in the industry. Company: Harmony Healthcare LLC Name: Cindy Kell Email: [email protected] ns Web Address: Address: 2909 W. Bay to Bay Blvd, Suite 500, Tampa, Florida, 33629, USA Telephone: +1 813 695 0635 1701CV83