Corporate Vision June 2017

Arena Solutions helps companies in a wide array of markets to deliver higher quality products to market faster at a lower cost. We caught up with Senior Director of Demand Generation Umesh Malhotra to learn more about the innovative solutions this dynamic firm offers. Delivering Results June 2017 In this issue... Delivering Game Changing, Technology-Driven Business Models Procter & Gamble Words of Gratitude to the Whole Subway Family MIA Sp. z o. o. Creating Countless Opportunities MicroStrategy Incorporated Innovation in Legal Services PJS Law Food for Thought Procal Dairies Pty Ltd Also inside this month... Enviro-Stewards Inc. / IBS Global Consulting / Ecobank Ghana / Moroccan Cargo Partner / Four Seasons Site Development Ltd / Helix Dynamics Advisors Group Ltd / Aspire People / Quantum 9 / Microstrategy Incorporated / Enviro-Stewards / Shikatani La Croix / Perform Air International, Inc. / Johnnie Johnson Housing / Rent a Car Niger / Allen Medical Group