Corporate Vision June 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / June 2017 , organisation where we truly encouraged every single member to develop and learn to their full potential.” Rosa proceeds to explain three specific case studies, showcasing the contributions P&G are driving in Next Generation Services (NGS). “This first case study has delivered significant value in the way we managed our Financial Services and Solutions. The accounts receivable organisation is embracing technology to drive shareholder value creation. Incorporating smart automation solutions such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has opened the door to deliver step-change productivity gains. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning is demonstrating the potential to not only drive productivity but also significantly improve overall cash flow. “The next one is about exploring new talent management strategies. Shifting demographics are changing the way work gets done. It is predicted that within the next five years as much as 50% of the U.S. workforce will consider themselves freelancers. NGS spent the last year testing what it takes to maximise value of on demand talent. Through this test we realised that while implementing this next generation work system takes a very intentional approach to properly educate, govern and operate, the value unlocked is breakthrough; delivering work with higher quality, faster execution and a fraction of the cost vs. traditional means. Finally, my third example is around the way we engage with our P&G Consumers and finding innovative approaches powered by technology to serve them better. We are actively exploring the power of cognitive (AI) and deep machine learning to reduce the time to serve while eliminating low value activities in our traditional systems, increase our advisors’ conversational focus and deliver an even better, consumer experience anytime, anywhere and via any channel our consumers want to engage with us.” Staying on these upbeat notes, Rosa shares the firm’s hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond and underlines P&G’s strong commitment to diversity. “As part of our digitisation strategy, accelerating the business application of IT capability via technology innovation will continue to be one of the top focus areas, together with strengthening the IT skills and technical mastery of our organisation in a world where the rate of change is unprecedented. “Finally, I would like to emphasise P&G’s strong commitment to diversity, which enables leaders like myself thrive in a global environment. P&G has been consistently recognised within the Top 10 Companies for global diversity by Diversity Inc, and amongst the Best Companies for Multicultural Women. “For instance, in IT, our people are all diverse business leaders who apply their IT mastery to deliver game changing, technology-driven business models and capabilities. I believe it is an optimal time to join P&G, IT and NGS as the opportunities for challenging yet rewarding work experiences are abundant, while helping P&G win with consumers and shoppers all around the world.” To learn more visit our global website at http://us.pgcareers. com/