Corporate Vision June 2017

When it’s time to choose nutritional support, Gematria is here for you. We know that efficient nutritional supplementation is not about how much you take, it’s how much your body can really absorb. [email protected] Gematria Products, Inc. have been diligently working on the R&D of a wide range of laser enhanced nutritional supplements that are largely amino acid, nucleotide, and vitamin based. We currently have 49 products in our product repertoire. Mission Statement Delivering unique & high quality formulations through research, technological development, and instruction in the art and science of well-being. Objective 1. To create and provide to the world the most technologically advanced and superior health pro- moting nutritional supplements available. 2. To use the highest integrity, the best intentions, and the customers’ health and well-being in the forefront of all our corporate actions. Gematria’s unique laser enhancement process safely homogenizes the molecules of the nutrients in each of our designed formulas.