Corporate Vision June 2017

40 CORPORATE VISION / June 2017 , project. We have developed reliable delivery methods to Russia and countries outside of the European Union. We send furniture to distant corners of the world, efficiently taking care of all organisational matters. Projects recently completed Our recent most interesting manufacture and installation projects are Lacoste in Saint Tropez, Fitness Studio Moving in Nice in France, and equipment for famous department stores in Germany. There was a pressure of time, unknown technologies and changes during production – our daily bread and butter. As general contractor, we have recently completed 2 shops in Kazan in Russia for the Swedish Gant and Turkish Koton. Cookie cabinet and collaboration with Subway As a designer and manufacturer of point of sales materials and also as general contractor we presently offer many possibilities to collaborate with the Subway network. In 2015-2016, together with the EPIC team, we developed a Cookie Cabinet, a specialized permanent sales support element that us most likely already used at minimum 1000 Subway stores in Europe. We are very happy to help our clients in the development of new shop equipment and put our set of unique skills to use: a combination of design, value engineering and access to many different technologies. Benefits of working with MIA Many clients value the collaboration with MIA, mainly because of our skills in solving problems abroad, at any time of day or night. Others appreciate us for the production and logistics savings that resulted from working with us. Most work with us due to the quality of services we provide and very high standard quality of our products. At Subway, the claims rate doesn’t exceed 0.03% which means that only 3 out of 1000 products delivered had lower quality than others. INHUMAN GEAR and or 2nd sport directed business We are a company steady looking for new opportunities. Besides the above-mentioned retail business we are also very active in the sport market. In 2015, Mia created its own brand of functional training equipment – Inhuman Gear. We designed all our sport products with a team of athletes and engineers. Last year, we developed and successfully implemented our flooring for free weight zones. We have a special fitness zone at our company: an Inhuman Gear box, a place where our employees train. There are two ambassadors of our brand: Gabriela Migala from Poland and Barni Botje from Romania. Young athletes with extraordinary sport achievements: Gabriela was the 3rd best teenager on Earth last year at the Crossfit Games in California. By developing Inhuman Gear in our company, we show our employees the possibility to create something completely new, fresh and full of modern energy. Our slogan: “Losers quit when they are tired Winners quit when they’ve won.” Which has been improved by Gabi Migala: “Winners never quit. Losers never win.” Both of them show that every success needs engagement, passion and determination. General construction activity With our construction schedule, a project manager will guide you in the details of each project. You will be kept informed about the progress of the work and you will receive photo documentation after the completion of each stage. In agreement with you, we will solve any difficulties that arise. We provide advice and help. We are committed to meeting the store completion deadlines while maintaining the highest quality. Acceptance of the store project by state institutions, shopping centres and various specialists who issue permits and certificates (e.g. a monument conservator) is essential for trouble-free construction. We take care of these formalities for our clients in every country. We prepare architectural working documentation in accordance with construction law and regulations of the country where the construction takes place. Industry projects are consulted with the customer each time, so that all store details can be properly planned and carried out. Our architectural designs enable preparation of the cost estimate, efficient construction and turnover of the finished facility by all interested parties and institutions. After the completion of the project, we provide an as- built design, taking into account the actual state of the premises. We will plan, schedule, and carry out all construction and finishing works related to the store. Keeping to the agreed cost estimate and individual stage completion deadlines, as well as quality standard control are everyday business for us. We have experience in carrying out construction investments in many countries at the same time (Russia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland). If you decide to close your store, we will take care of all formalities for you. We will dismantle the equipment, as well as demolish and bring the premises up to the expected appearance (e.g. development state). We have a lot of experience in the rapid implementation of such ventures. Omnichannel Strategy and Social Media approach We are also using Omnichannel in our new strategy now for a development of our future where our employers will play a leading role. We discovered that social media has become extremely important and their rush and broad development requires a proper and entirely new managerial approach. Therefore, we are already using the internet pretty intensively. We adapt social media for: A) Better identification of the client’s needs and use them to find what they need more quickly. B) Ongoing communication on new products, technologies and constructions, inventions and patents. C) Market trend and shopping habit research. D) Promotion and sales support of our clients and their brands. E) Studying our own organisational efficiency and continuous improvement. F) Gathering knowledge about the market in order to learn together with clients and customers within the global net and an increasingly transparent supply chain. All of our activities are integrated to provide the best possible delivery of what we have agreed on with the customer in the above points; the customer always occupies a central place in our everyday life. The future There will be some entirely new cutting edge products equipped with electronics for a shop application. The most important factor of our success is people. We are focused on their development and we are building a culture of challenge, creativity and managerial power of a team. By the end of 2017, we should be very famous for 4 reasons: 1. Use of social media application by our employees, 2. Break-through technologies in shops, 3. Kazakhstan projects completed for many companies, 4. Another development in sports world. The above directions are the pillars of our strategy. We cordially invite you to take a business journey with us. Our doors are open! Your MIA team.