Corporate Vision June 2017

CORPORATE VISION / June 2017 67 A Global Technology Leader at the Heart of our Connected World Company: Nokia Web Address: g In 2007, Nokia combined its telecoms infrastructure operations with those of Siemens to create the Nokia Siemens Network joint venture. The firm later bought Siemens’ stake in NSN in 2013 as the business was emerging from a successful strategy shift and the reality of what Nokia calls a Programmable World of connected devices, sensors and people was starting to take shape. In 2011, Nokia joined forces with Microsoft to strengthen itsposition in the highly competitive smartphone market. Three years later, the firm accepted Microsoft’s offer to buy most of Devices & Services, with the deal closing in April 2014. Nokia emerged from the transaction with a firm financial footing and three strong businesses – Nokia Networks, HERE maps and Nokia Technologies – focused on connecting the things and people of the Programmable World. Nokia’s transformation was not done. The HERE digital mapping and location services business, an arena entered in 2006, was a key pillar of Nokia’s operational performance. But in 2015, the Nokia Board held a strategic review of the business in light of plans to purchase Alcatel-Lucent. The result was a sale of HERE to a car company consortium in a deal that closed in December 2015. The acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent positions Nokia as an innovation leader in next-generation technology and services. Nokia’s reputation as an innovation powerhouse has been bolstered by the addition of Bell Labs. It joins a future-focused business backed by thousands of patent families, a reflection of Nokia’s innovation pedigree which has produced a huge array of benefits for consumers, business and society as a whole. The acquisition helped Nokia shape the connectivity and digitalization revolution before it – the Programmable World – in which many billions of people, devices, and sensors are connected in a way that opens up a world of possibilities. These can make our planet safer, cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, more efficient and more productive. Nokia’s insatiable curiosity and pursuit in creating the technology to connect the world continues to drive us to innovate and reimagine to enrich people’s lives and society.