Large Business Awards 2017

N K Company: TravelBrands Address: 5450 Explorer Dr. Suite, 300 Mississauga, ON L4W 5N1 Phone: 1-888-485-1481 Email: [email protected] Website: Best Travel Company - Canada & CFO of the Year - Toronto g process generating positive cash flows, and emerged from the process stronger both financially and operationally. At no time during the process was business affected and there was absolutely no change to the service and support to TravelBrands customers. As far as TravelBrands external partners were concerned it was business as usual.” “Through the commitment of the DeMarinis brother’s investment to acquire Thomas Cook coupled with investment of time and money into new technologies, the TravelBrands opportunity was created.” These new opportunities mean that TravelBrands is now poised for further growth, employee opportunity and is attracting more of the best talent to its team to ensure long-term future success in their goal to dominate the Canadian travel industry and be a leader in the industry. Through the executive leadership, a stable long-term structured work environment is taking shape to not only ensure career security but to now create opportunities for potential personal growth within the organization. Tony concludes by outlining the importance of staff at TravelBrands and discussing how its continued growth will allow the company to build upon its current success going forward. “Ultimately, our core values are central to all our people processes; recruitment, performance management, recognition and reward. Our Leadership Team is committed to providing visible Leadership and to role-modelling the values of the company. We recognize that the core of our success and strength as an organization is our staff. Our HR team takes pride in their recruitment process and strives to utilize multiple, innovative and creative recruiting avenues to find the right fit for each role. Our priority is to promote from within and we encourage and reward our existing staff to refer people who bring added value to our teams. Additionally, we monitor our progress in achieving, understanding and aligning the company’s philosophies and strategies with the vision and values set out by the company. By implementing these values, we intend to grow as a business and achieve even greater feats in the future.” “As part of this, the company has developed a new Travel Agent Portal marking the beginning of a new era for the TravelBrands family. We have taken the feedback that our travel agent partners provided throughout the years and created a universal platform that will please the most seasoned travel professional. Access by TravelBrands provides a user-friendly tool that will help travel agents shop for all their clients’ needs in just a few clicks. The cross sell opportunities are endless, the selection of products is unprecedented and the choice is extraordinary.”