Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2021

Best Logistics Video Recruitment Platform - UK Established in 2018, Vidu has quickly made a name for itself as the innovative video recruitment platform for the 21st Century. Instead of having to go through the time-consuming hassle of searching through CVs, a pre-interview video allows employers to discover more about a person before they are selected for interview. The platform is easy-to- use, allowing people to build an interactive profile that not only allows them to look for work, but to present themselves to a company that is looking to recruit. When Vidu first launched, it was focused exclusively on the logistics sector, offering a pre-interview video recruitment platform. The aim was simply to allow candidates to showcase themselves in a broader way than traditional CVs, as well as being able to access a deeper profile of the companies that they would be applying to. The success of this approach opened the door to the Vidu team, and has allowed them to establish relationships with globally recognised brands and companies that are spread across the UK and Europe. The focus on the logistics sector was deliberate on the part of the team, as this is an industry which has long embraced innovation. That said, this innovative streak did not seem to stretch to HR departments which would often be left behind. For many, the methods of old-school hiring simply don’t work anymore. HR managers are forced to sift through hundreds of templated CVs that don’t give them the information they need to make a decision. With Vidu, it’s possible to ‘meet’ the candidate prior to shortlisting. The worst interviews come when both candidate and companies know that they are not a match, but still have to continue. Vidu skips that step entirely. The nature of work has slowly shifted towards a digital space over the last few years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged this change for many companies. Vidu has been able to benefit significantly from this shift, as its online platform has become a vital forum for discussion and presentation when it comes to taking on new members of the team. More than just a recruitment platform, Vidu has become a valued partner for many organisations in many different countries. The future, therefore, looks bright for this talented team. Their plan is one that embraces ambitious growth within the recruitment sector, not just adding new candidates to the platform, but expanding the client base to reach more people. While Vidu started exclusively in the logistics sector, diversification is a priority in terms of industry and geographic reach. Their success is one which has the potential to reach out into exciting new sectors with ease. Recruitment is tricky in any industry, but the success of Vidu proves that their approach is transforming the way it’s done. With such an amazing reaction from candidates and clients, it’s clear that working in a more transparent way can only be of benefit to all concerned. Company: Vidu Video Recruitment Name: Nicky Jones Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.viduvideorecruitment.co.uk May21101 The power of video is one of the great sources of potential in today’s society, with numerous platforms offering ways to showcase who we are to others. In recruitment, video is a tool that is only just being explored by pioneers such as Vidu Video Recruitment. This digital platform brings the needs of employers and candidates together. Having been recognised in Corporate Vision’s Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards, we thought it time to take a look at how this incredible team have been able to achieve such success.