Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2021

Most Reliable Logistics Services Provider - USA Since its foundation in 1966, starting off at a mere 30,000 sq, Warehouse Specialists Inc has increased in reputation and size, so much so that by 1970, WSI reached 1,000,00 sq. In 1979, WSI had acquired its first out-of- state building located in California, USA, growing across the globe with its first East Coast site in Allentown, PA in 1996. By 2000, WSI reached 10 million sq in rail-served facilities, surpassing exponentially its growth in 1994, when it had only just reached 1 million sq in construction. In 2014, the firm announced the change from Warehouse Specialists Inc to WSI, to reflect the expanded service offerings acquired since 1966. Some of these new services include its first chemical Warehouse in Neenah, WI in 1993, its first on-site services at a chemical customers facility in 1998, the creation of Material Logistics & Services to handle chemical logistic business in 2010 and adding transportation to its services in 2010. WSI combines business with integrity and approaches each day with the goal of ‘absolute reliability.’ It has built a long-standing reputation of providing service that is absolutely reliable. The company strives to intentionally develop relationships that are refreshingly open and trustworthy and at the core of this value is the belief that its integrity must never be compromised. Its Business Conduct Policy comprises of five ethical philosophies that set the foundation for all that they do, expecting its professional partners to operate rendering to the same ethics and morals: honestly, reliability, fairness, compassion and stewardship. Moreover, the company strives for transparency and will never mislead any stakeholder as it is intended to share information openly and freely as proper by the affiliation. WSI lives up to its moral values, even when challenged by personal, professional, social risks or economic pressure- they do not tolerate bribes, conflicts of interest or other forms of undue influence in violation of anti-corruption laws or the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). WSI treats its employees justly as well, providing generous contributions to initiatives within the community it serves, starting with the environment. WSI is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and is driving several green initiatives in its facilities and transportation services. Over the years, WSI has endeavored to be an accountable agent of its environment, pursuing green ingenuities throughout various facilities nationwide. The following steps have been taken to help coincide with these initiatives: • Providing natural landscaping and green spaces to minimize the effect of storm water and surface pollutants. • Encouraging the use of electric-powered equipment. • Reducing the number of materials wasted by creating an active recycling program. • Ongoing initiatives keep up with the latest in energy-efficient lighting equipment. • An industry-wide initiative, Responsible Care®, that focuses on safe and ethical chemical handling. • Pledging to prevent the loss of resin pellets, flakes and powders into the marine environment by partnering with International Operation Clean Sweep TM. • Focusing on reducing emissions and fuel conservation with transport partner EPA SmartWay® • Reducing transit times and equipment energy usage by efficiently laying out facilities. • Reducing pollution by encouraging telecommuting by employees. By putting various years of experience in motion and applying lean principles, the WSI workforce is doing its part to uncover new ways to conserve resources, limit emissions and reduce waste. WSI is devoted to helping clients’ complete logistics needs from preparation to implementation. Its cohesive family of companies includes dedicated proficiency at every point along the supply chain. As one of the leading 3PL providers, WSI offers flexible, integrated solutions that are tailored to its clients’ needs, encompassing fulfilment, transportation, third party logistics, import/export, warehousing and distribution and contract services. In addition, with its 360data™ software solutions, it delivers a full suite of cloud-based logistics applications to enhance supply chain productivity and apprehend investments including B2B Collaboration/ EDI Integration and Transportation Management System (TMS). Its Material Logistics & Services, LLC (MLS) delivers protected, compliant storage and circulation for chemicals and other hazardous products throughout the U.S. This includes Responsible Care® Partner, bulk storage and transfer, flammable & temperature-controlled room capabilities, sampling, blending, dilution, drums, totes, pails, boxes, bags, super sacks and chemical storage locations. WSI is advantageously located near major metropolitan areas, transportation channels and U.S. ports. Its distribution centres are accessible as multi-client, contract or dedicated storage. WSI is one of the largest privately held logistics companies in the U.S., helping customers flourish through dependable and consistent logistics, warehousing, transportation, technology and related services. Company: Warehouse Specialists Inc. (WSI) Web Address: www.wsinc.com May21441 WSI (Wearhouse Specialists Inc.) spans a nationwide distribution network with a global logistics reach as one of the largest privately held logistics companies in the U.S. We find out more about this global leader of logistics in the wake of its success at the Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards 2021. Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2021 7