Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2019

, Supporting wholesale and retail customers O’Brians provides automotive sales, financing, insurance products, and service reconditioning. Thanks to its dedication to providing quality support and services, O’Brians is now recognized as the largest provider of subprime automotive sales in Saskatchewan and within the top three largest providers in Canada. These achievements, combined with its Consumer Choice Award and this year’s Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Award, showcases the firm’s growing reputation for excellence in automotive sales and financing. O’Brians Car Dealership of the Year – Saskatchewan & Excellence Award for Auto Finance Solutions 2019: O’Brians Jun19437 Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, O’Brians Automotive is a regionally based group of Automotive Dealerships. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win not one but two of our coveted Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards for the year 2019. This reputation is vital for the firm’s ongoing success, as the car ownership market is a competitive market in a constant state of change. Brett Finell, O’Brians President and Co-Founder points out a few key trends happening in this fast-paced automotive market. Transportation and functionality are now challenging to become more important in the Canadian market than prestige and ownership. In the future, large Canadian cities will likely begin to limit the number of vehicles on the road at any given time, like what has been implemented in Manila, Philippines. Reduced operating licenses could lead to lower levels of vehicle ownership amongst the middle-class incomes. We continue to see online sales of vehicles growing, but very slowly. Online sales direct from the manufacturer to the customer, are just beginning to place a strain on retail dealers who carry large overheads due to inventory and infrastructure. However, O’Brians exceptional standard of service and integrated offering makes it the perfect partner for clients looking for a complete service that will be able to meet their exact needs. Globally, the car ownership market may be changing with ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles growth which could begin to disrupt the B2C model. Future risks may be present when companies like Lyft and Uber make large inventory fleet buys, thereby reducing inventory availability in the markets. The widespread adoption of ride sharing could begin to reduce the number of customers wanting to own a vehicle. While electric vehicle sales continue to grow, we do not see a mass adoption, especially in colder climates. Seeking to offer clients innovative and creative solutions, O’Brians will continue to communicate and monitor customer behaviour and sentiment to be a first adopter of technologies required to lead the market. Looking to the future, O’Brians will continue to strive towards excellence and work to enhance its already enviable industry reputation. The company has a director of future development who’s sole position is to find and acquire new technologies to give the organization an advantage in their marketplace now and for defined future market trends. O’Brians organizational system is well defined and adaptable to new technology, and as such it will be able to continue to offer clients the cutting-edge support and financing services they expect. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: O’Brians | Name: Brett Finell | Address: 815 Circle Dr E Telephone Number: 3069555626 | Web Address: www.ofinance.ca

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