Corporate Vision March 2017

In a welcome return, we caught up with Sintetica SA’s Corporate CEO, Augusto Mitidieri who has been with the company since 2000. In 2003, Mitidieri became General Manager and then finally Corporate CEO. More recently, he achieved the impressive accolade of European CEO of the Year 2016 award. A Great Place to Work g March 2017 Capital Gains Andurand Capital Management Leading the Way in Rail Solutions Total Rail Solutions The Dawn of Digitalisation - Mvine Limited Putting the Talent into Talent Acquisition - SGA Talent Insuring Success - HL Assurance Feeling Energised - Contax Partners Guiding Lights - Murano Lighting The Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Solution - CAW Consultancy Business Solutions Ltd The Power of Social Extends Beyond Social Media Engagement Labs Inc. Also in this issue: Scott A. Gray - Clincierge / Giovanna Manzi - Best Western Italia Scpa / James Eiloart - Tableau Software / Colin Aurelius - TDB Fusion / Wayne Johnson - Encompass Corp / Drexel Bradshaw - Bradshaw and Associates / Simon Albert - Charity Challenge / Philip Bartey - Autism Plus