Corporate Vision March 2017

CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 15 From Humble Beginnings ## Company: Clincierge® Name: Scott A. Gray Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 190 N. Independence Mall W., Suite 201, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Telephone: 215-413-7880 g overcome these, plus the key attributes he believes he possesses. “The first has been to learn to ask more questions instead of offering my opinion. This has enabled me to become even more confident of other leaders in the company as well as follow different paths of innovation that I may not have suspected were possible. Secondly, I’m naturally empathetic, so I continue to hone the skill of holding others accountable for their poor performance, without being tyrannical. Praise and gratitude are much easier to deliver, but quality businesses only survive when poor performance is recognized and the underlying cause is corrected whether it is the tools, the training, the processes or a poor job fit for that person.” “With regards to my strengths, perhaps I should get “humble” out of the way first. Actually, I am humble, yet still quite aware of my strengths. I learn fast, and have learned to be disciplined in planning out my days so that I can accomplish what I want and what’s needed. My interests are very broad and I read every morning – not always “work” topics either; I have interests in the sciences, politics, both national and international news. I love to cook. I collect art and try to make time to get into galleries as often as I can. Specific to Clincierge…I was the care-giver for my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. I have travelled much of the world and I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people who can do so much with so little. For my 50th birthday, my partner and I went with a group on safari in South Africa – there we visited an orphanage – I don’t know how the staff was able to keep 20 children fed, clothed, clean with such minimal resources. We were so impressed with what they were doing that we purchased food, supplies and toys, of course, for them before we left Africa. I think I’m able to bring that life experience to the way Clincierge can help others around the globe.” Scott keeps himself motivated and positive by staying focused on leading the mission of Clincierge. “Having worked for more than 34 years with developers of medicines and the medical professionals delivering care, Clincierge closes the healthcare- focused circle in that we provide support directly to thousands of patients; for some, it’s their final hope for continued life.” Scott has great energy and aspirations for the future of Clincierge. “Though we’ve been in business for over 22 years, Clincierge has re-energized all of us. We’ve just finished our 2021 strategic plan, with a key driver of ‘growth’ and we’re rolling it out to all employees through their department and individual goals.”