Corporate Vision March 2017

78 CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 , Ren Tobing of Topotels Hotels & Resorts speaks to Corporate Vision about the services the firm provides and emerging trends to watch, as winner of South East Asian Business of the Year – Indonesia. Passion for the Hotel Industry Topotels Hotels & Resorts is a regional hotel management that has been operating for approximately five years in the hospitality industry and has already managed 22 hotels in Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Headquartered in Jakarta, the company was founded by three partners, Yonto Wongso as Chief Executive Officer, Ojahan Oppusunggu as Chief Technical Officer and Ren Tobing as Chief Commercial Officer. Ren Tobing comments: “The three of us bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective on all aspects in the industry. Our capabilities, experience, and passion for the hotel industry build the foundation of Topotels Hotels & Resorts for professional management excellence.” Ren Tobing also states: “Our company offers the full spectrum of hotel business development, starting from visibility studies with a business forecast, technical services consultancy in hotel construction, pre-opening guidelines and programs, and all aspects of the operational hotel.” The firm is considered as one of the fastest growing companies in its industry regionally, and Ren has a Vision to be the leader in the hospitality industry through the commitment of delivering quality management, service excellence, profitable growth, and to exercise corporate social responsibility. “We want to anchor every aspect of a business in a set of commonly-held beliefs. Our commitment can be formulated into the Topotels Seven Core Values which are Respect, Recognition, Consistency, Exemplarity, Performance and Determination. “This clearly defined vision helps us to provide true hospitality from the heart, which is the main characteristic of human culture as well as the mission statement of the firm.” Currently in Asia people are still focusing on the rapid growth of China and, to a lesser extent, India. But Ren tells us of an area of emerging opportunity for Topotels. “The archipelago nation of Indonesia has as many opportunities for property development, including the hotel industry, as there are so many islands. It has been proven for the last couple of years that the country is shifting from third world to second, and then soon to first. “On top of this, Southeast Asia has seen significant growth in its hospitality industry, boosted by the increasing number of global visitors and tourism spending. However regulatory harmonization, good governance, innovation and skills development in the hospitality industry are the main key challenges and shortcomings that we need to deal with effectively.” Topotels Hotels and Resorts has experienced the same struggles as similar companies, these being a highly competitive industry which leads to a sometimes stressful and competitive workplace. To meet these challenges, the firm has been developing open communication and teamwork as the company culture, and it has a tried-and-tested strategy to ensure it is always one step ahead of competitors. “Managing hotels is managing people. Attracting good attitude and skilled talents in the industry are really important for the success of the organization. One of the greatest challenges in the hotel industry is to recruit and retain good employees and managers.” “We have strategic ways to keep ahead of our rivals,” explains Ren. “To find out who our competitors are, to identify our customers (both existing and new), to develop and maintain our competitive edge, to step up our marketing strategy, to be the best employer and to look forward and build a roadmap for the next couple of years.” Ren tells us that Topotels makes constant improvements, innovations and enhancements of its services in order to grow business in the region. The firm currently has five hotels in the pipeline which are scheduled to open in Indonesia and Malaysia this year, and Ren expects a further 20 new hotels to be signed up in the next 24 months. “I strongly believe in the Southeast Asia’s ability to sustain future growth. Regardless of the country, this region is strategically located between Australia, Middle East, China and Europe, making it almost impossible for international travellers not to stop over. And by its economic and culture, these destinations also remain very attractive to either accommodate business or leisure trips, including some of the world’s most luxurious retreats such as Bali. The new emerging markets, such as China, India and countries in Middle East, have strategically replaced the western countries during the economic downturn. Hopefully, with the signs of recovery for the global economy, it seems we can look positively to the future. “However, the rise of demand as described will also develop more hotel suppliers which will automatically create tougher competition. Thus, to adapt around these, we plan to 1702CV55