Canadian Business Awards 2022

AJ comments on this point by stating, “we do not believe in overselling and underdelivering.” With the pandemic edging business forward into the digital age, additional threats began to pop up with a rise in activity concerning hackers. Because of this, RAD Websites has developed various maintenance and security packages to combat this, which can also be customised to suit budgetary requirements. The company has rebranded their business to incorporate additional RAD Website projects in the RAD brand, including RAD Gear and RAD Rocks. Most notable, AJ and his wife Nicole founded a non-profit in 2019 called the Animal Food Bank in Canada. The organisation is entirely volunteer operated and provides pet food supplies to pets of low income and the homeless, offering over 217,000 meals to pets in need yearly. For AJ, the most important goal is to make his clients work top priority and give back to the community – which is precisely what he has done. One RAD Website and compassionate adventure at a time. Company: Rad Websites Name: AJ Frey Email: [email protected] Web Address: Making the world ‘rad’ one website at a time, RadWebsites is regarded as Western Canada’s Best eCommerce Website Agency. Established as a boutique website and SEO agency, RadWebsites provides WordPress websites hosted on Canadian soil. Founded by AJ Frey, a self-described nerd who loves all things 80s and 90s, which heavily inspired the look of his company, Rad Websites aims to help businesses make an imprint by impacting online spaces. AJ dives into the company’s details by stating, “all our websites are built with SEO best practices in mind for when the client is ready to execute on them. After all, what good is RAD website if no one can’t find it? The goals are to provide clients with RAD websites that are scalable and can grow, as they do, and are ready for SEO at a moment’s notice.” AJ is proud of his business and its team of experts who help plan, execute and deliver ecommerce website and SEO services successfully to its customers. Notably, AJ often tells clients ‘to let us do what we are good at, so you can do what you are good at.’ A passionate nudge to explain that RAD Websites will be able to handle the delicate and intricate details that go into making websites so profoundly great, so businesses can focus on what really matters – growing and expanding. AJ is considered an expert within his field, having over a decade’s worth of experience in SEO and ecommerce websites expertise and 30 plus in technology – information covering building and running software quality assurance departments, automation, software design and more. AJ has collected invaluable information within this sector for numerous decades and channels it to run his business successfully. Based in Canada, RAD Websites is filled with vast opportunities that the company is able to benefit from. AJ expands on this point by stating, “there are so many benefits to being Canadian and working in a Canadian culture. One of the main ones that we are always telling our clients and prospective clients to be aware of is the importance of where you host. Hosting with us means you are being hosted on Canadian soil – you, and your website data, are protected by the Canadian constitution when you host in Canada.” For RAD Websites, the most critical information they offer is that it is crucial for anyone who has a website to understand where their data is stored and what the risks are. Especially for an eCommerce site that uses and stores consumer data, which is information that AJ ensures clients are aware of during their development. With the progression of modern society through the pandemic stages, the digitalisation of businesses became the new normal; however, for some companies, businesses did not necessarily have the budget to move online. Thus, RAD Websites developed customised packages for customers to suit any budget and allow clients to add to their website as their revenues recovered. AJ and his team are extremely diligent and are continually looking for online and SEO trends within the industry. Thus, ensuring that team members are updated with the latest and greatest and can deliver the best services to its clients. Jan22558 Best eCommerceWebsite Agency - Western Canada Canadian Business Awards 2022 45