MarTech Awards 2022

As of January 2021, Facebook served to be the most popular platform used by social media marketers – according to a global survey, 93 percent of digital marketers utilised the site to promote their services. As Facebook receives over two billion users a month, it is unsurprising that marketers are avid Facebook users – it is home to a bustling marketplace rife with potential customers. Moreover, each application under the Meta Platforms, Inc umbrella (Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram,) receives over one billion active users monthly. Everyone is on social media – men, women, old, young, and everyone in between. It’s a simple fact that it plays an integral part in people’s lives, as its one of the few places where location and language does not form a barrier. In essence, it is its own form of community. As a consequence, it is the perfect place for companies to draw in a diverse audience across both the B2B and B2C spectrum. For example, on Instagram, Statista confirms that approximately 36% of the app users from the United States use it to follow brands and companies. In terms of brand content interactions, Instagram’s U.S. share grossed over 67%, resulting in Instagram becoming one of the most impactful platforms for digital marketing. Humanize remains on top of such statistics – it is greatly aware of the booming industry, its pros, and its pitfalls. It knows where to focus its attention, and where to avoid. Such statistics have greatly informed the company over the years, contributing monumentally to its success. However, the rise of social media has offered some challenges. For one, the social media agency market has grown exponentially in recent years, forcing Humanize to devise more ways to stand out. It was with this in mind that the company pushed its human-to-human approach. Whilst other agencies use traditional B2B and B2C methods, Humanize focuses upon people. Connections. Therefore, it strives to make its clients relatable, be it through stories, pain points, and targeted advertising. Humanize is proud to take a bold and unique approach, as it sets it apart from its competition and provides its clients with immediate results. In addition, Humanize has had to adapt with the ever-changing social media trends and algorithms. One prime example of this is the change in what advertising is effective. Once upon a time traditional advertising proved to be popular, with click-through rates being much higher. Over time, these numbers have fallen, with the click-through rate reaching 1.3% in the second quarter of 2020. In 2022, passive advertising, largely through videos or story posts, is more successful. Statista shows that social media impression numbers have improved year-on-year by close to 20 percent, meaning that advertisements are gaining more views. Humanize has altered its approach in order to keep on top of these changes – it consistently uses statistics and customer insights to form solutions that actually work. Many of these elements have made Humanize popular with global brands and start-ups, resulting in the agency cultivating a loyal clientele. Across 50 Google Reviews it has garnered a 5-star rating, with many of these reviews offering shining testimonies. It is clear that customers have a lot to say about the company, as there is a wealth of praise evenly spread throughout the ratings, complimenting Humanize’s professionalism, its efficacy, and willingness to go above and beyond for its clients. One customer, Mohammad Moshasha, states, ‘“Humanize Social Media Agency” is your way to create the right message, to communicate it to your customers, to achieve your objectives.’ This is backed up by Ahmad Jafari’s review, in which he says, ‘A highly dedicated team, motivated with high performance and great reputation. A creative go to social agency.’ Humanize is, quite simply, the only option for the title of Best Social Media Agency - Middle East. Over the years, the company has consistently offered a premium service that has furthered the development of the marketing industry – it has created a method that provides clients with advanced solutions that subvert the status quo. It has cultivated long-term bonds with many of its clients, garnering a positive reputation that has led the company across numerous borders. Company: Humanize Digital Media Group Web Address: