MarTech Awards 2022

Dec21278 Best Lead Generation Services Provider - UK When it comes to business, lead generation is key. To thrive, however, it must be done with deliberate intention. We take a look at the team from Funnel Boost who started out as events promotors and have grown over the last two years into a leading lead generation services provider. In Corporate Vision’s MarTech Awards 2022, the team achieved incredible success. We dig a little deeper into how they do it. Established in 2018, Funnel Boost has always prided itself on being able to connect businesses with potential clients. Four years ago, this came into the form of events which the team assisted their clients in organising and promoting, but this halted with the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, the business shifted significantly and is now thriving through the provision of lead generation for any B2B products and services. Their unique knowledge of the industry has helped many of their customers to grow. Working with a wide range of businesses the length and breadth of the UK, the team at Funnel Boost have been able to attract many new customers for their clients. Their sales and marketing experts work closely together with clients to identify the appropriate customers, and then to create killer copy that sells to key decision makers. This proposition has supported clients in many industries, ranging from web development to finance to recruitment to hospitality. No matter how small or large the organisation, the Funnel Boost team believe everyone deserves a chance at success. The core of the firm’s business model is generating leads through conversational emailing. High quality marketing systems, alongside the latest artificial intelligence, offers a clear path forward when it comes to increasing sales conversion. Whilst the latest technologies lie at the heart of what the team offers, it is supported by a strong network of staffers who make sure that it is leveraged to the best of its ability. Every email is targeted with laser precision, custom designed to showcase the unique selling points of a product or service. The sheer range of clients is possible because the team see lead generation as a bespoke process. What works for one client, even in the same industry, will not work well for another. The onboarding process for each is designed to ensure that they have the right information to position their customer proposition just right. The techniques used by the team were used when they were working in the events industry, which means they are uniquely finessed to ensure the best possible results. The marketing landscape is changing rapidly, but the agility of the team at Funnel Boost means that they are more than up to the challenge of staying on top of it. The team has committed many resources to staying abreast of the latest developments, allowing them to improve the efficiency of their email marketing campaigns. There is a culture of continuous improvement at the firm which has allowed them to thrive even during these challenging times and these benefits are passed on directly to the customers though a bespoke dashboard. Every client is able to access their unique insights into the direction of the marketing sector and how best to mobilise resources to secure success. Looking ahead, the team are aiming to take what they have done to the next level. Having increased by their client numbers by 800% in 2021, they have an exceptional starting point. Now they have opened up a major recruitment drive to grow the team, and are looking for additional campaign planners and new sales staff to generate leads for clients. It’s an exciting time to work for this leading in the lead generation sector, as they combine the latest technology with the ultimate in people power. For those looking to reach out to others, this must be your first port of call. Company: Funnel Boost Ltd Name: Brandon Leeming Email: [email protected] Web Address: MarTech Awards 2022 9