Corporate Vision May 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / May 2017 , SOCAN licenses the use of music compositions for public performance and communication to the public. This includes radio, television, radio, live concerts, retail establishments andmusic streaming services. We interviewed the firm’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff King to find out more - following their success in being selected as part of the Large Cap Top 50. The Presence of Music SOCAN’s plays a leading role in supporting the long-term success of more than 130,000 Canadian members, as well as the Canadian music industry. Now there’s a staggering thought. SOCAN not just license music uses and distribute the resulting royalties, but they also provide showcasing, development and networking opportunities for members. These opportunities allow them to continue to refine their skills and the craft of songwriter. Chief Operating Officer Jeff King goes on to explain how the firm has been successful, the significant contributions they have made to the world of business and how they have demonstrated excellence, despite the ongoing challenges the global economy presents. “SOCAN’s acquisitions of Audiam and MediaNet have not only brought SOCAN into new sectors of the music industry, but also into new markets. The SOCAN Group provides services to various companies and partners all over the globe. Additionally, SOCAN has been very active in the Middle East and North Africa to provide much needed services to rapidly emerging markets. “The ability to easily license and use music efficiently contributes towards the success of the businesses. Our research has long shown that the presence of music enhances the customers experience be it on TV, film, restaurants or other more expected industries such as radio and streaming services. Additionally, by bringing together technology and cultural industries, we are showing a path way forward to improve the efficiency and operations of the entire ecosystem. “Although some regions of the global economy are struggling, the rapid rise of high speed wireless connectivity and the rise of music and audio-visual streaming services is causing the entire industry to grow.” In terms of the wider industry that SOCAN is a part of, Jeff underlines that they are taking a leadership role in the exploration of leading edge technology, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Working with global technology partners, SOCAN will be major contributors to the transformation of the music industry in Jeff’s opinion. He then tells us how it feels to be selected as part of the Large Cap Top 50? “We are honoured to be included in this group and to have our work and accomplishments recognised on the global stage. We are pleased to have our results identified and recognised. We plan on using this as a team building opportunity for our group.” “Following on from this, I believe that our staff are instrumental in the success of SOCAN. The passion, energy, skill and commitment of our team members enables the entire organisation to achieve tremendous success.” Jeff concludes by offering his thoughts on the firm’s hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond. “SOCAN’s vision is to lead the global transformation of music rights. We plan on pursuing this goal throughout 2017 and beyond. Additionally, as the world become more connected, SOCAN is keen to work with a variety of partners to grow our businesses in a profitable way.” Company: SOCAN Name: Jeff King Chief Operating Officer Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 41 Valleybrook Drive, Toronto Ontario Canada M3B 2S6 Telephone: +1 416 442 3811 1705CV05