Corporate Vision May 2017

34 CORPORATE VISION / May 2017 , T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is a leading Canadian environmental consulting firm. They are proven experts in the fields of environmental services, hazardous materials management, industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety. Creating Healthy and Safe Environments: Undoubted Experts in the Field As a full-service environmental consulting company, THEM is known for providing solutions of unparalleled quality to a variety of sectors including property management, healthcare, educational and industrial organizations. With four (4) regional offices, THEM has clients covered in Ontario and Quebec. In addition to these strongholds, the THEM team is looking forward to expansion with a newly-established office in Edmonton, Alberta. Innovation, expertise and continuous improvement are the driving forces behind the success of T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. Aside from experience and education, their consultants take every opportunity to expand their knowledge and to contribute to the industry. Many of their consultants actively participate in developing industry guidelines through various associations. At the same time, THEM continues to introduce innovative services, such as radon testing and Bayesian analysis for better occupational exposure testing. All of their efforts are geared towards finding the best way to effectively meet their client’s needs. The THEM team cherishes connections and always looks forward to creating new ones. Their approach is to treat their clients as friends: get to know them, provide them with unique solutions to meet their needs and never let them down. This unique style and the quality consulting services is the reason THEM maintains a strong client base. Many organizations have continuously used THEM for their environmental consulting needs for over 35 years. The outlook at T. Harris Environmental Management has always been towards trustworthiness and knowledge expansion. THEM started in the winter of 1979 as a group of motivated professionals with a single desk as their base. The goal that brought THEM together was to inspire positive change and to empower people to create safer environments through first- rate asbestos consulting. When environmental management was in its infancy, the THEM team members became active leaders in forming the industry by closing the knowledge gap around asbestos management. In the process, they have accumulated substantial knowledge and, as other environmental issues emerged, tackled them by expanding both their personal and organization’s expertise. The THEM team is passionate about what they do and every team member is committed to excellence. Some of the exciting landmark projects that showcase the expertise of THEM are the rehabilitation of the West Block on Parliament Hill, the Victoria Memorial Museum Building, the Saint Vincent Hospital Renovations and the continued support they provide for multiple school boards. In all of these large projects the THEM team productively worked alongside contractors, architects and other stakeholders to keep the project on schedule and budget while implementing the best solutions. To find out more about the successes and services of T. Harris Environmental Management Inc., please visit www. Company: T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 93 Skyway Avenue, Suite 101, Toronto, Ontario M9W 6N6 Telephone: 1-888-ASK-THEM 1703CV32