Corporate Vision May 2017

CORPORATE VISION / May 2017 35 , Award winning healthcare and wellness communicator Cristiana Tudor shares her undoubted passion for the field of social mediamarketing, content management and strategy for the healthcare and wellness industry in this upbeat and compelling interview. A Passion for Content What products and services do you provide your clients with? I am specialised into social media marketing, content management and strategy for healthcare and wellness industry. I am deeply passionate about this incredible field and the impact I have generated in the lives of millions of men and women world-wide through educational campaigns speaks volume. I am honoured to have changed the conversation in regards to early detection versus prevention topic. I am very blessed to inspire and empower men and women regarding their health. How would you describe your client base? My client base varies from world - renowned doctors, to clinics and not only. What factors make you unique in terms of your professional experience? My healthcare and wellness education (deep understanding of anatomy, pathophysiology, public health and healthcare disparities) combined with SEO integration and my passion for this industry make me unique. The more I understand the specific audiences, the better I can serve my clients’ needs. Understanding the topics from a scientific perspective, the trends and the industry overall gives me credibility. I have built the social media presence for the brands I am working for, from scratch by educating the audiences and considering the algorithms specific to different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. What are the most significant challenges currently facing your activity in the months and years ahead? It is a very dynamic industry, that generates new features, new possibilities every step of the way, so clients’ needs may change daily. Keeping up with the newest trends, being able to shift priorities and adjusting them to the new context are challenges I will be facing. What are the main objectives for yourself in the future? My main objective is to be able to inspire and empower as many men and women as possible in regards to their health, because “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. “ (Thomas Carlyle) What business or business person do you most admire and why? I admire all those who are passionate about what they do and inspire others to do the same. Name: Cristiana Tudor Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: New York, NY, United States Telephone: +1 347 551 8733 1704CV08