Corporate Vision May 2017

CORPORATE VISION / May 2017 45 Plain Sailing Company: Oyster Yachts Name: David Tydeman Email: [email protected] Address: Saxon Wharf, Lower York Street, Northam Southampton, SO14 5QF UK Web Address g design, engineering and finance all running out of head office at Saxon Wharf in Southampton’s still industrial docklands where all Oyster yachts beyond 70 feet long are built. Here also is the associate group company Southampton Yacht Services, renovating and refurbishing superyachts considerably longer. Both share infrastructure, both create a flow of shared skills and capacity. Elsewhere, the Wroxham facility, close by the Norfolk Broads, has its own dedicated yet co-joined top management team building from 47 feet to this division’s current largest, a 67-footer first launched in late 2016. All this combines into a formula that works. The order book has consistently filled up. It has been another good year for Oyster. It’s not easy, but it is good.