Media Innovator Awards 2019

, Based onMadison Avenue, in the heart of MidtownManhattan, sits Sorrentino Media. The full-service video production and consulting firm features a state-of-the-art production facility built specifically for digital video content and podcasting. Led by its intrepid founder, Michael, Sorrentino, SorrentinoMedia is the gold standard for customer service for all producing, consulting, podcasting andmedia training projects. SorrentinoMedia Sorrentino Media: Most Innovative Boutique Video Production Agency - Mid-Atlantic USA Jul19396 In a world that is increasingly focused on shifting content to the Internet, a key strength of Sorrentino Media is skilfully applying years of traditional broadcasting knowledge to the current trend towards the web. Michael and his team Skillfully partner with companies who are transitioning from traditional broadcasting into new media. Founded and led by Michael Sorrentino as CEO and Executive Producer, Sorrentino Media is a boutique firm, offering services that big firms cannot. With an adroit team of seasoned producers, cinematographers, photographers and editors, Michael and his team create and develop digital content for all manner of clients across a wide variety of platforms. Utilizing the latest technology and video production techniques, Michael and his team offer a range of services for client videos . Explainer videos, social videos, podcasts, short-form unscripted content and branded content are just some of the offerings from Sorrentino Media. Michael and his team guarantee Delivering high-quality video content while being nimble enough to work within budget and time constraints. Michael and his team understand how daunting new media can be to fully understand. Aiming to maintain authenticity, fine-tune minor quirks in delivery, and increase confidence, Sorrentino Media helps people from all walks of life in whatever media training they require. Whether you’re a veteran TV news Anchor talking about the new digital world, or a YouTube creator just building your own viewership, Michael imparts his wealth of wisdom and experience to all of his clients. A veteran broadcaster of national television news himself, Michael’s unique skill-set and unparalleled production experience are invaluable to his growing & thriving client base. As producers, the team at Sorrentino Media craft stories with a journalistic eye, endeavouring to always understand the clients’ needs and the big picture. He knows how to quickly get to the clients’ core needs and fine-tune the message into digestible digital content. Working as a consultant, Michael and his team continue to create relevant, savvy, and beautiful digital content for all clients. Projects completed range from thirty-second shorts, text-on-screen videos on Facebook, to short- form web series for massive corporate clients such as Time, Inc. Even if a project sounds impossible, or looks too good to be true, Sorrentino Media can help make those dream projects a reality, while remaining cost-effective and always mindful of what the client wants. Fundamentally, what makes Sorrentino Media a success story is its ability to transition multiple groups into the new age of digital content production. Giving new, nervous content creators the skills to shine confidently on camera and teaching broadcasting veterans about how to maximize their digital presence are just two of the ways this innovative and boutique media production firm is teaching the future of digital content production. Contact details: Company: Sorrentino Media Contact: Michael Sorrentino Email: [email protected] Telephone: (1) 212-203-8419 Website : More about their Story