Media Innovator Awards 2020

Working with creativity and knowledge, Plotworks helps brands to ensure that they receive a film production service that creates the right value. Through solid experience and thoroughly tested process, the firm builds up a knowledge of a business, including their strategies and approaches to various elements of daily life. This methods allows the firm to then challenge the client creatively, and secure the process along the way. Even though Plotworks is an experienced team of just eight individuals, it has been producing films for almost a decade. In fact, the last eight years alone have seen the firm create more than fourteen hundred film. Each film has seen the firm perfect its set up more and more, and challenge the clients more to ensure that their films perform as well as they possibly can. Over the years, Plotworks has partnered with some of the largest corporate entities in the world, including eBay, McDonalds, and Volkswagen, and advertising agencies such as MarketSquare and WeLovePeople. When partnering with any client, Plotworks provides detailed counselling about which type of film would work best for any given project, and how they would make it work. Complete with its own full-service, in- house production team, the firm can counsel its clients on what to expect from each type of film, and how it will solve a problem for them. The films themselves are created within live-action, and can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Plotworks is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk as well. It has been responsible for creating a community that strives for better films. Dubbed the Plotworks Academy, it consists of knowledge films and morning sessions, with expert talks to come in a matter of months. The knowledge films explain what certain technical terms mean for the final film, and cover such topics as colour grading, compositing, and more. Created to make sure the client is aware of the possibilities, these films make clients feel a part of the conversation, and can challenge Plotworks during the production. Morning sessions do much the same thing, where profiles in the business come together to talk about relevant subjects. This could be data-driven films, influencer films, how to develop creative ideas, and much more. The result of Plotworks Academy’s diligent work is a creative space where individuals can come together in pursuit of better films. Everyone is involved in discussions around how to make the firm better, including addressing the CMO’s headaches at any given moment, what the trends are in the industry, and how best Plotworks can solve issues. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest issues in recent times has been COVID-19. As a digital company, Plotworks was fortunate enough to have a lot of post-production work to see it through the lockdown that was enforced in Denmark back in March. The last few weeks have seen optimism return, with a busy fall period ahead with new films on the horizon. Plotworks’ future is bright, and the future for commercial films is bright as well. However, that is not enough for the team at Plotworks. Viewers’ time deserves the absolute best, and the firm is wholly dedicated to raising the bar for commercial films in what is already a flooded distribution market. However, it is Plotworks’ quality and effective films that cut through the noise of other production companies that are out there. Communicating with target audiences in a meaningful way is exactly what the firm specializes in, and does so in such a respectful way. Commercial films are an important and innovative tool that can change a business’ fortune during trying times. As we all continue to reel from the effects of COVID-19, Plotworks is finding new ways to boost business and keep us all watching with anticipation. Company: Plotworks Contact: Tim Resdal Website: Most Innovative Film Production Company - Nordics Creating films is perhaps one of the most innovative forms of media creation out there. New techniques are always surfacing for post-production editing, and the wide range of film types means that there is always innovating to be done. Plotworks is a full-service creative production company, working with high-end films, be they creative, corporate, or commercial, for a long list of clients. We go behind the camera to learn more about this fantastically innovative firm and its recent successes. Jun20431 Media Innovator Awards 2020